Composition on the theme of courage

Bravery is one of the positive qualities of a person. Bravery, courage, courage are words that are synonymous. With them associated manifestations of human nature in any emergency: fire, flood, military action. A ten-year-old boy rushes to save a sinking girl. The young man climbs onto the roof of the high house, from there to go down to the balcony and save the child from the burning apartment. These are all manifestations of courage.

I remember the heroine of the fairy tale G.-X. Andersen Gerd. She went through a difficult path, overcame many obstacles, but she found her named brother Kai. She had to display courage more than once: from the sorceress, the princess, the robbers, and the ice palaces. But neither the magic, nor the wealth of the royal palace, nor the stern glance of the Snow Queen could stop Gerda. She saved Kai, although she herself was in danger. She could be killed by robbers, almost frozen on the way to the palace of the Snow Queen. But Gerda was not scared.

She went ahead, because she knew that he depends on her life. Gerda was placed in such conditions that only a display of incredible courage and courage could help in achieving the goal. She was guided by love. She helped her overcome all the difficulties on the way.

Wonders of courage were shown by soldiers, defending their homeland. In G. Baklanov’s story “Forever – Nineteen-Year Old”, the main character of the nineteen-year-old Lieutenant Tretyakov has risked his life more than once, performing his sacred duty. He defended his native land from the enemy. He wounded he enters into an unequal battle, giving the opportunity to the remaining wounded to leave for a safe distance. Tretyakov perishes, saving others. This is also a manifestation of courage.

But, in my opinion, in everyday life there is a place and time for manifesting courage. A brave man can be not only a hero who performs his duty on the battlefields, not only a man who, at the risk of his own life, saves others. Courage is shown by a teenager who confesses his misdemeanor, although no one knows that it was he who committed

it. It’s not easy for him. He knows that he is punished for his misdeed. And yet he confesses to what he did. This, in my opinion, is also a manifestation of courage.

Imagine a situation: a group of girls and boys taunts one, the weak, never giving a rebuff. He is standing, looking at all the hunted eyes, in which there are tears. And around him are heard bullying, rudeness, laughter, someone pushes him in the back, so much so that he falls into the mud. The others laughed approvingly. Not everyone in such a situation will take the side of a defenseless boy. Going against their peers, maybe even friends, is not easy. But if someone still tries to stop the others, will show sympathy for the weak, then this is also a manifestation of courage. In my opinion, no less than go against the enemy with weapons in their hands.

Thus, courage is a quality of the human character that manifests itself in a variety of situations. They can be extraordinary, and can be quite ordinary. The main thing is not the circumstances, but the way a person acts. Recognize your mistakes, repent of your misdemeanor, not act against your own conscience, despite the fact that others can condemn you – this is courage, which, unfortunately, is not inherent in everyone.

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Composition on the theme of courage