Popkov “Autumn rains” composition

Popkov Viktor Yefimovich worked in the second half of the twentieth century. The main theme of his work was the generation of people, whose fate reflected the Great Patriotic War. Therefore, most of his paintings look rather gloomy. Harsh faces, dark colors, laconicism and simplicity – all this about the works of Viktor Popkov.

“Autumn Rains: Pushkin” is an unfinished work. The artist died tragically and was unable to finish the painting. But this does not prevent us from understanding the author’s intention. The central figure of the canvas is Alexander Pushkin. The idea of ​​writing this picture arose from Viktor Yefimovich after visiting the village of Mikhailovskoye, which housed the poet’s estate. Popkov loved Pushkin’s work. It is noteworthy that it was this work that Popkov’s friends put at the grave of the artist during his funeral.

In the picture we see a porch on which, leaning against the column with his shoulder,

Pushkin stands with his back to us. His hands are folded over his chest, and his gaze is fixed afar. The poet’s black coat flutters in the wind. The floor of the porch is wet from the rain, with several fallen leaves on it. In front of the porch there are terraces leading down. On both sides of them tall trees, covered with yellow autumn foliage. Their reflection can be seen in a puddle on one of the terraces. Due to bright leaves, the landscape does not look dull at all. In the distance, a river can be seen. Beyond the river is the valley and the hills. The sky is cloudy, gloomy.

“Autumn rains” are filled with peace and pacification, impregnated with the artist’s love for the autumn and native nature. The picture brings to mind the idea that nature can serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, both for the poet and for the artist. There is a feeling that it was at that moment that Pushkin composed in his mind some of the great works. I think this is the atmosphere that the author wanted to convey. He loved Pushkin and nature. Popkov, like Pushkin, drew from it his inspiration.

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Popkov “Autumn rains” composition