Sightseeings of USA

The country of freedom and equality – America – annually attracts thousands of tourists. Of course, everyone has ever heard of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, the Statue of Liberty and the Avenue of Stars, Broadway and the Pentagon. Nobody is left indifferent by such majestic structures as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Empire State Building, and, of course, everyone is familiar with Los Angeles, Miami, New York.

The possibilities of tourism in America are much wider than it is commonly believed.

However, the opportunities for tourism in America are much wider than it is commonly believed. Man-made attractions attract lovers of excursion and cultural tourism, discounts and sales attract the fans of shopping, and miraculous miracles, mountain rivers, deep clear lakes, dense forests, bottomless canyons and the highest peaks of mountains – those who prefer to enjoy nature and sports.

America provides extensive opportunities for lovers of extreme

tourism – rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, speleology, horse and bicycle tourism and, of course, winter sports – perhaps with such a rich assortment, hardly anyone will dare compete.

So, if you prefer civilization to nature, chances are you are looking to see the big and famous cities of America – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas. In New York, you are photographed against the background, perhaps, the most famous of all the monumental sculptures – the Statue of Liberty. You will visit the center of Manhattan in Times Square – one of the most famous streets of the “Big Apple”. This city will surprise you with its museums, galleries, theaters and concert halls.

And for connoisseurs of natural treasures in America, many national parks are open.

In Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the entertainment industry is also working smoothly, so stock up on forces and resources (especially material ones), where there is a place to rest and spend!

If you suddenly meet New Year in New York, be sure to admire the traditional New Year’s fireworks

in Times Square.

If instead of all modern entertainment you want to plunge into the distant past of America, welcome to the first state of the USA Delaware with its historical towns, buildings, museums.

For connoisseurs of natural treasures in America, many national parks are open with impenetrable forests, in which live non-frightened, and therefore easy-to-contact animals. The purest waters of the lake and the river, swarming with fish, canyons, which can not only be seen but also come down to them, hot springs that have medicinal properties – all at a very high level of service and careful attitude to nature. The most famous national parks of America are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Hot Springs, Zion.

Yellowstone is one of the largest national parks on the planet (an area of ​​almost 900 thousand hectares) and a unique geological phenomenon, in which there are 200 geysers, more than a thousand hot mineral springs, beautiful mantle forms of Mammoth springs, a lot of tectonic valleys and gorges with an unusual landscape, several rivers with waterfalls up to a hundred meters high, many fossils and a rich living community.

In the same National Parks and Nature Reserves will find employment for the soul and lovers of extreme sports: swim in the mountain rivers and climb the peaks here you can endlessly.

Well, if you like to luxuriate in the sun, then America will not disappoint you. For you, of course, Miami and Rehoboth Beach (Delaware) – Mecca of beach holiday fans.

The United States of America is a state that has attracted travelers from all over the world for hundreds of years, because it really has something to surprise everyone. The history of this country is unique, eclectic and at the same time extraordinarily original, which was fully reflected in its culture and architecture.

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Sightseeings of USA