My dream essay

My dream essay

Probably, each of us loves to dream. About travel to unfamiliar distant countries, about beautiful modern phones that constantly appear on the market, hitting us with their technologies. Someone dreams of riding at high speed in a chic car with an open top, and someone even fly into space to see our beauty – a planet from the side of the galaxy.

Everyone’s dreams are secret, secret and different. Someone does not have the greatest happiness, than wander through new, yet unfamiliar cities, admiring their architectural works and historical monuments. And someone else wants to dive into the depths of the sea and enjoy snorkeling.

I thought for a long time, what is my secret dream? What would I like most of all and what would bring me most happiness? Trips, phones,

the sea and cars – all this, of course, is not bad and it always brings joy and euphoria. But this joy is not eternal and there are things much more important than all this.

I dream to find my place in life. You take exactly the profession in which I could realize myself and not say after graduation that it’s not mine. I dream that my parents live long and be happy, because when they are all well, happy and we are their children. I dream of becoming a good specialist in my business.

Maybe a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, but only work so that the result of my work can be seen and the work was not a burden.

I think the main thing is just to dream. Set goals and go to them. And no matter what dreams, the main thing is that they should be and we tried to implement them. After all, going to the goal and coming to it is a great happiness. And if a person is happy, he will try to make the people happy and those around him. I will dream of different things: everything beautiful and good that brings joy and pleasure: both about the sea, and about the mountains, and about distant foreign countries and, of course, about their relatives and relatives, so that they are always there and always were healthy and happy. After all, if you want something, it will always come true.

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My dream essay