What kind of person do I consider cultural?

I think that culture is, first of all, the decency of man. You can have a wonderful education, and in relationships with people be a complete scoundrel. And vice versa: a person with a huge internal culture, possessing tact, sensitivity, mercy, may be illiterate.

Try not to offend a person with indifference, disdain, arrogance – means to raise yourself to a certain height. It must be remembered that the word and even the tone with which it is spoken, you can save or kill others. Be attentive to each other, spare feelings, respect human dignity – that’s what, in my opinion, means to be cultured.

It is equally important to show a humane attitude towards people and animals that are close to each other. The ability to help with word and deed, support, sympathize – this is a property of a cultural person. Such a feed a stray dog, help a helpless old man enter the bus, will not pass by a crying, straggler from the parents of the child.

And still culture assumes responsibility for their actions, moral assessment of the perfect. All together is formed in the concept of “conscience”. It must be remembered that nothing passes without a trace, but remains in the personal memory of the person and people around him. And good deeds, and evil do not disappear, they trail after us for life.

Any person who has not even received a higher education can become a cultural person. It’s just necessary to follow the biblical rule: never do with people what you do not want for yourself.

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What kind of person do I consider cultural?