Summary “Ivan the Peasant’s Son and the Miracle of Yudo”

In some kingdom, in a certain state, there lived an old man with an old woman, and they had three sons. The youngest was called Ivanushka. They lived – did not grieve, they worked – they were not lazy. But here came the evil news: attacked their kingdom a terrible miracle-yudo nasty. The older brothers decided to go fight with him, and Ivanushka also asked. They did not become an old man with an old woman, but they put everyone on the road-road. For a long time the brothers were walking along the scorched, ravaged land, but they met no one except the sick old woman: everyone was killed by a miracle-yudo.

Finally came the brothers to the River Smorodino to the Kalinovy ​​Bridge, where they decided to fight the foul monster. They agreed each night to guard the Kalinov Bridge in turn and wait for a miracle-yudo. The first night the elder brother went to the bridge, but soon fell asleep. A little while after midnight, Ivanushka took his dammed sword and went to the

river. Seeing that the elder brother was snoring under a bush, Ivanushka did not wake him. Suddenly, there was a terrible noise, the water boiled – it’s a miracle miracle about six heads. Ivanushka rushed to him and a battle ensued. For a long time they fought, but still defeated the peasant’s son of his enemy: he killed three heads and threw him into the river, and hid three under the bridge.

The same thing happened on the second night: the middle brother slept, and Ivanushka fought a monster of nine heads.

And, finally, for the third night, Ivanushka himself began to guard the canal bridge. Soon a twelve-headed miracle-yudo filthy appeared. The battle continued for a long time. Ivanushka feels that it is difficult to defeat him this time: instead of the severed heads, new miracles grow in the miracle of Yuda. Then Ivanushka began to throw the mittens into the hut, calling the brothers for help. But the brothers do not rush, they sleep. Then he threw off his hat – the brothers ran up and together they overcame the miracle-yudo.

The older brothers wanted to rest after the battle,

but Ivanushka, saying that he had lost his handkerchief, again went to the Smorodino River. He crossed to the other bank, quietly approached the house where the monsters lived, and began to listen to what the mother and wives of the miracle-yudin conspire. And they decided to destroy the brothers. The eldest said that she would put heat on and become a well. And when the brothers want to get drunk, they will burst from the first sip. The second wife came up with an apple tree with poisoned apples.

The third – a soft carpet, which will turn into a fire, only on it someone will lie down. And the mother decided to swallow everyone.

Ivan listened to all this and returned to his brothers. They set off on the return journey. They met along the road and a well, and an apple tree, and a soft carpet. But Ivanushka did not let the brothers touch them. So Ivan returned safely with his brothers to his father and mother. And they began to live – to revive and make good.

This fairy tale refers to magic: there are a lot of implausible, fantastic elements.

The main hero of the tale – Ivan – a peasant son. Since he is the youngest in the family, at first he appears before us weaker than his older brothers, and those, on the contrary, are shown to be strong, hardworking, striving to protect their homeland. But gradually their characters are revealed more fully. The brothers are a bit lazy and carefree: instead of waiting for a miracle-yudo, they calmly sleep.

Quite another Ivanushka. He is ready even to perish, but to defeat the enemy. Ivanushka – clever, resourceful (he guessed to overhear the conversation of miracle-wives) and at the same time – generous and modest, does not tell anyone about his exploits. So in this image embodied the ideas of the Russian people about the man-hero.

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Summary “Ivan the Peasant’s Son and the Miracle of Yudo”