Composition Oblomovism

The main character of the novel IA Goncharov “Oblomov” – Ilya Ilich Oblomov.

He was a landowner who lived from his serfs working for him. Since childhood he has had a carefree life, his servants cared about everything. They dressed him, fed him, looked after him, did everything for him. He lived in the ancestral village of the Oblomovs. He grew up kind, good, but terribly lazy and not adapted to life and any work. He is a dreamer who is divorced from outer life. When he grew up, he moved to live in the city. In the city, he hides from real life, in an apartment. The manager of his estate, robbed him until he led to bankruptcy.

In the city he fell in love with Olga, but was so lazy that he did not even try to look after her. He was very fond of lying in his dressing gown on his worn sofa, he could do it for hours and even days.

This sofa became a symbol of Oblomovism. His friend Stolz, tried to stir him up in every possible way and bring him to life.

But it terribly tired him, vanity, secular meetings. Gradually, he was left without friends. The author claims that Oblomov is a wonderful person, that he has all the good qualities.

Such as: kindness, high feelings, dreaminess, trustfulness. But his life passed almost in vain and past.

So what is “Oblomovism?”

This inactivity, in simple words – laziness. Vain existence, waste of life in vain. Dreams that you do not even try to implement. Senseless felting on the couch, without trying to do anything and do useful for society and for yourself.

Oblomov slowly destroyed his life, his soul and body.

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The very novel Goncharov and his main definition, which sweeps like the leitmotif of the whole novel, is of course this stuffed many people Oblomovism.

In itself, this term or definition of the Russian dialectic of the soul is considered negative, since as it seems unequivocally at first glance and if one looks at it superficially, it symbolizes itself, only lack of will and total inactivity. However, the

notes of Oblomov’s mental problems and the emotional and moral coloring of the Russian landlord lifestyle and all these people who had serfs and burned their lives on points symbolized emptiness and snobbery. Such negative qualities that have definitely been transformed into the artificial actions of these people and the absence of any spirituality and intelligence in them are shown by the same Griboyedov in his novel “Woe from Mind”. At the same time, Griboedov in his work does not create a witty and active Chatsky. Its task, it looks absolutely different and directed at what it would be to show,

It is reduced to the fact that there are people who are endowed with a subtle spiritual organization and vulnerable, but at the same time, a dreamy nature that, with its self-sufficiency, can spend time in permanent unity with unwanted people. These people personify themselves, the whole world as a whole, with the exception of his friend Stolz and Oblomov’s beloved Olga Ilyinskaya. Against this background, we can observe that for all the seeming deadness of Oblomovism, it gives rise to extreme selectivity in contacts and really correlates with the bright contemporary of society.

At the same time, it is certainly worth noting that the Oblomovism and the hero who personifies it, because of its softness in the spiritual plan and the lack of proper motor skills, do not have enough energy to repel people who still manage to penetrate into its space and From within it to corrode, suppress and even try to completely exterminate. Of course, this is about the brother of Pshenicin, Ivan Mukhoyarov. However, note that Oblomov, manages to compensate for his weaknesses, at the expense of his friend Stolz, whom he managed to buy due to the fact that he had spiritual serenity and a pure soul, because it was thanks to her that active Andrey went to him. Here it is still worth saying that diverse people are attracted to each other and that is why, in addition to Stolz, to Olga and Oblomov, the talented and progressive Olga Ilyinskaya and Agafya Matveevna Pshenitsyna, the economic proprietor. Therefore, even with such a weak position in society, there are also advantages.

Of course, the complete disinterest in the general vice of society from which Oblomov totally abstracted and did not even want to change anything, eventually ended it. At the same time, in this novel, traced a rebirth Oblomovism in the son of Oblomov, Andrew, who eventually took educate united and Pshenitsyna and Stolz, who reunited in union with Olgoy Ilinskoy, with which they are in terms of outlook and way of life is more suitable match for each other. As a result, there is a hope, a hundred people is the son of Oblomov and certainly inherited his genes will in the future, in the education of people in the Union to be more successful than his father to adapt in a society where the majority of people who consider themselves the elite did not differ purity of soul and sincerity.

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In the essay you need to write about the fact that Oblomovism is a terrible evil. Doing nothing, utter apathy is what many Russian people are inclined to. Nobles at the time in which Oblomov lived, often led an idle life, in the estate they had managers, and they only slept and ate. This feature was especially brightly described by Goncharov on the example of Oblomov. Although Olga tried to get him out of this state, she did not succeed. Oblomov dies at the end of the work, which is quite natural. He ruined, as he himself says, Oblomovism.

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The novel IA Goncharov “Oblomov” can be called a socio-psychological. In this novel, the destructive influence of the aristocratic, landlord environment on the person of man is vividly reflected.

The main character, Ilya Oblomov, very vividly conveys the character of the Russian man. Despite the fact that it does not look the best, but it causes love and compassion.

The author very vividly conveys the frailty and spiritual emptiness of the protagonist, using such phrases: “The yearly circle is being made right and unperturbed”, “neither terrible storms nor destruction can be heard in that region”, “life, like a late river, flowed past them” ,

It was this kind of life that caused the spiritual poverty of Oblomov’s heroes. This life leads to impoverishment of moral values ​​and interests. The main place in the life of the characters is food and sleep.

Oblomovshchina in the novel “Oblomov” is expressed in mental and physical laziness.

The root of this problem of the appearance of laziness is in childhood, when parents protect Ilyusha from work and accustom them to idleness.

To a conscious age, Ilya Ilyich Oblomov turned into an apathetic and inert creature whose life is limited to an apartment on Gorokhovaya Street. All this kills in Oblomov positive human qualities.

The tragedy is that Oblomov understands his spiritual decline.

When Olga asked him: “Why did all of you die, who cursed you, Ilya?” “What has ruined you? There is no name for this evil.” – “There is,” he said in a barely audible voice, “Oblomovism!”

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Composition Oblomovism