What is responsibility?

In the composition there are references to Yakovlev’s story “He killed my dog”.

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Responsibility is the quality that we show when we take care of the weaker or we manage ourselves with some difficult situation. It manifests itself in deeds, not in words.

So, in the story of Y. Yakovlev, the boy Tabora behaved responsibly in relation to the homeless dog. Fearing for her life, he brought the animal home first, and then into class, wore a dog breakfast in his briefcase.

The cruelty of his father, irresponsible not only with the dog, but also with him, only strengthened the boy’s desire to protect dogs.

The Little Prince in the fairy tale by A. Exupery: very accurately formulated the essence of responsibility: “We are responsible for those who have tamed.” And so I believe that we should not be afraid to take responsibility for the fate of the weaker, because it educates humanity, mutual understanding.



Responsibility is the ability of a person to be responsible for the obligations assumed. This quality is impossible without spiritual generosity, inner strength.

For example, the director of the school in Y. Yakovlev’s story acted as a responsible person when he wanted to give Taborka a dog and took from him a promise to make peace with his father. He approached the difficult situation of his pupil with the participation and understanding, because the director is the head of the school, which means he is not indifferent to the boy’s mood and his relationship with his parents.

Reading this text, I could not recall the “Lessons of the French” V. Rasputin. Lydia Mikhailovna, out of a sense of responsibility for her pupil, was additionally engaged in a foreign language with him, tried to feed and warm up the hungry boy. It’s a blessing when people like her meet on the path of life.

Only a responsible person can build relationships with other people based on respect, attention and care.

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What is responsibility?