“Problems of children and parents” composition

We all aspire to mutual understanding with our parents. Mutual understanding plays an important role in our life. The problem of the relationship between parents and children is posed by Boris Yekimov. This problem was relevant in the past, relevant now, and will always be relevant.

The author claims that sometimes, grown-up children and elderly parents find it difficult to understand each other, but sincere love and care for each other can overcome this misunderstanding. I share the author’s opinion and believe that the conflict between parents and children is an eternal problem that sooner or later overtakes everyone, whether you are a child or a parent. The main thing is to learn to understand each other, to seek a compromise.

It is worth turning to fiction, and to understand that the problem raised by the author is, indeed, eternal. In Turgenev, this problem is sharply expressed in the novel “Fathers and Sons”. The name itself speaks of the opposition

of the older generation to the younger. We also see a conflict between generations in Bazarov’s relationship with his parents. He experiences very contradictory feelings towards them: on the one hand, he admits that he loves his parents, on the other – he despises the “stupid life of the fathers”. For all this, their son Bazarov’s parents were really dear.
Bazarovs are very fond of Eugenia, and this love softens their relationship with their son, the lack of mutual understanding. She is stronger than other feelings and lives even when the main character dies.

In addition, I want to give an example from life. I, like all children, loved to walk with the guys on the street, on warm summer evenings. And I always did not like the fact that my mother always called me home, while the other guys were still on the street. Because of this, I was angry and resentful of her, believing that my mother did not want me to go out with other guys, but stayed at home. My mother tried to convey to me that this was done for my own good, but I was not persuaded. But after growing up, I realized

that she did it because she was worried about me, so mom loves me and cares about me. All parents wish their children well, it is necessary to understand this, not to resist it, and as it was said above, to find a compromise.

It turns out that the author was right when he said that sometimes, it is difficult for parents and children to understand each other. But sincere love and care – can overcome this misunderstanding. “Love for parents is the basis of all virtues” – Cicero Marcus Tullius.

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“Problems of children and parents” composition