“Cat in Boots” main idea

The action takes place in France, in the 17th century. After the miller’s death, his three sons received a small inheritance, which they themselves shared: the oldest was given the mill, the middle went to the donkey, and the youngest of them, Hans, got only a red cat. Of course, the boy was upset and does not know what to do with this cat, but the cat immediately consoled his new master with his promise to help him and asked him for his boots and bag.

When the owner was bathing in the river, the cat shouted to the royal carriage that was passing by, that the notorious gentleman Marquis De Carabas was drowning in the river and then he was helped, and even dressed and seated in the royal carriage. In the carriage sat a royal daughter, whom the boy liked, and to the same she believed that he was a rich gentleman who owns the whole castle.

Cunning the cat and the most giant ogre, forcing it will turn into a small mouse and immediately swallow it. The boy Hans became a true master of the Marquis de Carabas and the owner of the castle of the giant, and he married a beautiful royal daughter and made the cat a lord.

Thus, we can conclude that this tale teaches us that you should not be upset and jealous if you got something small and not like the others, because, using ingenuity and the ability to think, even from this can be done the greatest wealth and become truly happy, because the younger boy’s brothers, their inheritance, the mill and the donkey, did not bring such material wealth, prosperity and happiness as Hans, who became rich, took possession of the castle and even married the royal daughter. And also the tale teaches friendliness and devotion, such as that of a cat to its master.

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“Cat in Boots” main idea