What is most important in a person’s life

Each person has his own views on the surrounding reality and his values. So the question of what is most important in life, people will respond in different ways. We suggest that we work together on this issue and come to the golden mean.

Key life priorities

Family, friends

For the grandiose number of people across the planet, it is the presence of loved ones in spirit, family, and loved ones that is the most valuable. And we are talking about the family in which a person was born and raised, and about the “cell of society” that each of us builds independently, and of course, about friends.

To really understand why friends and family are the most important thing in life, you can, perhaps, only be alone with your problems, fears, hopes. After all, at difficult moments in life, it is the close ones that help us not to lose heart, provide powerful moral support, and genuinely empathize.

It is impossible not to stress the importance of procreation.

After all, in fact, the child is our immortal particle, which with each new generation will move us forward in time, further and further. It is from modern people that depends on how the world’s population will look through tens, hundreds of years. So, without the birth of this tiny child, our life loses its deep meaning… If to argue in this way, it turns out that the most important thing in life is children.

On the other hand, not all share similar views. After all, in the end, there are incredibly talented people (scientists, artists, builders, etc.) who, even without children, make a huge contribution to the development of their country or even the entire world community. Is not that important? In addition, there are many people who can not have children. But they can give their world their smiles, good deeds, help other people, and this is also priceless.

Whoever says anything, but any person needs to be loved. Most people are also important to experience this delightful feeling. Otherwise, a person has to struggle all his life with numerous complexes, the most difficult psychological

difficulties. As a result, it turns out that love is the most important thing in life.

And we deliberately did not include it in the previous paragraph, because the presence of relatives, friends, spouse does not always mean that you love and are loved.

Money, Career

These goods often compete with the more spiritualized values ​​mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Indeed, it is impossible to live a full-fledged happy life without having the means to meet your needs. And it’s not just about clothes, decorations, travel and other joys, but also about the possibility to get qualified medical care from good doctors, the ability to feed and dress a child well, give him a decent education, develop his talents. All this also requires financial resources.

However, not always the availability of money and a solid professional status means a happy life. After having money and an enviable position, you can not have a family, love, health…

It’s amazing, but wondering what is most important in a person’s life, not everyone thinks about health. At the same time, without it, it is simply impossible to imagine full positive emotions, full of events, pleasant discoveries, and accomplishments of life. Even the presence of money can not always completely or even partially correct problems with physiology. A sick person will be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible to build a career, see the world, create a family, live in harmony with the world and themselves.

Draw conclusions

As you can see, it is impossible to select one of the listed list. After all, then you will acutely miss all the other items. In addition, it is very difficult to say exactly how much money / friends / love / health you will need to feel happy, and which characteristics should have all these or any other values, so that they truly delight you.

Therefore, we propose to define as the most basic in life harmony of man – mental and physical. It implies that you have everything you need for the life that you consider happy for yourself.

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What is most important in a person’s life