Summary of “How much is the debt” Pogodin

Radiy Petrovich Pogodin is a Soviet writer, artist and poet. The heroes of his stories are children with their own inner experiences and thoughts. One of the pearls of his work is the work “How much is the debt”, the summary of which is presented in this article.

A real man

The main hero of the story is the boy Pavlukha, who came to a small border settlement to earn money. His mother used to work on the collective farm as a salted woman, but due to illness she had to move to another place. In addition to Pavlukha, there were two other children in the family who needed to be fed and dressed, the mother of one was very hard. The father, according to the boy, went to Kamchatka, as he pulled him to unknown places, respectively, he did not pay alimony to children. Mother was spinning as best she could, but lately she even began to hold a spoon with difficulty, an 11-year-old sister of Pavlukha helped her with an au pair. It was difficult for the boy to watch the

woman struggling out of her last strength to feed her family, so he put on high fishing boots and went to look for work. At first, Pavlukha tried to settle himself on the collective farm, but no one took it, because he was still small for such a thing, according to the law, children were forbidden to work. The head of the district executive committee promised to help his mother, and Pavlukh himself to be placed in a boarding school, but the boy did not agree to this. The chairman of the kolkhoz gave him fishing boots, since he himself did not need them (he had a prosthesis instead of one leg).

About what fate awaited the boy next, you learn by reading the work “How much is the debt” (short content).

Meeting with Roman

After a long distance on foot, Pavlukha found himself in the northern village, where he was noticed by Roman Pankevich, a local excavator. The boy wanted to get to the authorities, but the guy brought him to his house, fed him, and then called Zina, the secretary of the local Komsomol. Together they found a way out of the situation.

Meeting with Victor Nikolayevich


the story “How much is the debt”, the brief content of which we are considering, acquires an unexpected turn. A certain Victor Nikolayevich, a geodesic engineer, agreed to take Pavlukha to work. He had the right to attract children to work in the summer. So the boy started a new life. For whole days they climbed together with Victor Nikolayevich through the mountains, collected samples of rocks and talked. A lot of interesting things the elderly surveyor knew.


Once Pavlukha asked why Viktor Nikolaevich took him to work. To which he replied that he has a duty to his own son, who is in prison. It turned out that the man learned about this when he worked in Kamchatka. The boy was about to ask if he had seen his father, when suddenly Victor Nikolayevich felt sick. He fell to the ground and fainted. Whether the man has survived, you will learn from the continuation of the story “How much is the debt”, the brief content of which you are now reading.

Pavlukha ran out onto the road to ask for help, but got under the truck. Fortunately, the boy flew between the wheels and was alive. He could not clearly explain to the driver what was the matter, and he left. Then the boy put the tripod, which he and Victor Nikolayevich used to work, right in the middle of the road. At that time a car with military men was passing by, they stopped and, when they understood what was happening, they helped the elderly man and sent him to the hospital. Pavlukha thought that if he had at least a little money, he would have thanked the soldiers and bought them cigarettes. The topic of duty rises again in the story “How much is the debt” (summary). Pogodin spends it through the whole work.

On the day the salary was paid, the cashier subtracted each part of the money for a gift for Viktor Nikolaevich. Pavlukha took off his boots and set them before the woman, saying that it was a gift from him and the shoes would fit the elderly surveyor. In response, the cashier just laughed and took money out of his salary for a gift for Viktor Nikolaevich.

All of the author’s works with special subtlety and sensitivity reveal the inner world of adolescents. The story “How much is the debt” (short summary) is not an exception in this respect. Pogodin to some extent becomes a kind of psychologist who, like no one else, can understand his heroes.


Pavlukha turned around and went to Roman to pay a debt for the fact that he had been feeding him for a while. Entering the apartment, the boy saw many people. As it turned out, Roman had a son that day. Putting his hand in his pocket for money, Pavlukha changed his mind and just stood up silently, took off his boots and put them next to the child, saying that they are very good boots, let him wear it. On this note ends the story “How much is the debt” (summary). For the readers’ diary it will be useful to write down the names of the main characters and their main characteristics. This work will help to quickly recall the essence of the work.

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Summary of “How much is the debt” Pogodin