Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

The Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was built in 1073-1089 by architects from Constantinople. The laying of the Great Assumption Church took place in the summer of 1073 from the Nativity of Christ, during the days of the prince Svyatoslav, the son of Yaroslav. Construction and decoration were accompanied by many miracles.

The solemn consecration of the cathedral was held on August 14, 1089. The completed temple caused an indescribable ecstasy of contemporaries. The construction was so successful that it caused a number of imitations in Russia. Vladimir Monomakh built a similar church in Rostov the Great. the same church was built by Yuri Dolgoruky in Suzdal.

This ended the tranquil life of the Assumption Cathedral, and he entered the thorny path, built up from constant attacks of enemies, destruction and restoration from ashes and ruins. Robbed by his Polovtsi and Tatar-Mongols. No less than they were attached to the robbery by the hand and the Orthodox

princes who were at enmity among themselves, and at times no less greedy than the Batky hordes.

It was restored and strengthened by different people. Even in peacetime, the cathedral was not easy, he demanded constant renovation and restoration. Most of all the picturesque frescoes succumbed to the disastrous influence of time. In different years, their restoration involved professional icon painters, artists and even self-taught monks.

In 1917, the church values ​​went to the All-Ukrainian Committee for the Protection of Monuments. During the famine in the Volga region, part of the precious relics of the Assumption Cathedral was seized and sold to purchase food for the hungry. Since 1929, the Pechersky Monastery ceased to exist as a community community, the monastery was closed.

In the history of the cathedral the black days came again, for him came the era, most characterized by the words: impoverishment, desolation, dilapidation. The cathedral was doomed to slow destruction or, at best, a museum of atheism and religion could be built in it.

During the German occupation of Kiev, on November 3, 1941, the Assumption Cathedral was blown up. There are several versions: the cathedral was blown up by the fascists; agents of the NKVD; partisans, intending to destroy President Tiso, who visited him. There is a photograph of the explosion, the evacuation was carried out in advance, political consequences were considered.

In 2000, the Assumption Cathedral was restored.

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Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra