The theme of nature protection in modern prose

The theme of nature protection in modern prose

It is difficult to find literature in the world, which would pay so much attention to the topic: man and nature. The names of almost all writers are associated with picturesque places. Pushkin can not be separated from Mikhailovsky, Tolstoy – from Yasnaya Polyana.

The attitude of man to nature is one of the most burning problems of our time. Writers, economists, scientists are sounding the alarm: nature is in danger, it needs salvation. Now you can not say that man is the king of nature. The conquest of nature turned out for us the destruction of its riches, the struggle against it – moral self-destruction. Once on the verge of an ecological disaster, we see our involvement, we begin to reflect on the place of nature in our life.

In the seventies, Viktor Astafyev

wrote “Last Bow” and “Tsar-fish”. Speech in the stories of “Tsar-fish” is about poachers who violate the prohibitions on hunting and fishing Astafyev is sure: “The mystery on earth and the stars in the sky were thousands of years before us.” The stars faded or crashed into pieces, instead of which other people blossomed in the sky And the trees in the taiga were dying and being born, one tree was burned with lightning, washed away by the river, the other sowed the seeds in the water, in the wind. ” The writer says that we did with the taiga: “No, we only wounded her, hurt her, trampled it, scratched it, burned it with fire. But fear, confusion, they could not convey to her, they did not inculcate hostility, no matter how hard they tried. “

In the chapter “Tsar-fish”, the image of the king-fish symbolizes the nature itself. In this chapter, it comes into conflict with sturgeon of huge size. The fight ends in favor of nature. Losing conscience, a person suffers defeat, and the magic king-fish floats to the bottom of the Yenisei.

In his works, Valentin Rasputin writes about the protection of nature. In the story “Farewell to the Mother,” he shows the suffering of people who leave their homeland. I think that people are crying and suffering,

and nature suffers, there is a tree on the island, they tried to cut it down, cut it down, set it on fire, people can not do anything with it Nature also resists people, but will it survive this struggle? When we struggle with nature, we destroy ourselves.

The same problem arises in the story “Fire.” “Cutting wood is not a matter of sowing bread,” says the protagonist of the story “A forest was chosen – to the new tens and dozens of years. Cut it with the current technology in the years. And what’s next? Then there is hunger, poverty. “After all, together with nature, a person dies.

Modern writers teach us to think about what we do with nature. Too much grief and suffering brings us technical progress. He strikes by nature, and therefore, it inflicts deadly blows on us. This attitude towards nature leads to catastrophes that shake the whole world. I remember Prishvin’s words: “To protect nature means to protect the Motherland.”

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The theme of nature protection in modern prose