What is compassion?

In the composition there are references to L. Kuklina’s story “Stamps”.

Option 1

Compassion is the ability not only to feel the pain of another person, but also to help either to get rid of it or to reduce it. At the heart of this feeling, in my opinion, is love for all living things, because without it compassion can not be sincere.

Thus, it was love for the people of the famous Mother Teresa throughout her long life that was the basis of the construction of dozens of shelters and clinics for the poor and sick. For her mercy, she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

There can be different reasons for showing compassion. This confirms the act of the hero of the story L. Kuklin – a boy who gave a valuable collection of stamps to the paralyzed unfamiliar “comrade”. He did this out of a desire to please him and make life easier for his peers.

I think that only those who take other people’s pains or problems as their

own can truly sympathize.

Option 2

What is compassion? I think the answer lies in the word itself. The prefix “co” denotes consistency, community, that is, compassion is the ability to share suffering and, if possible, find a way to get rid of it. This spiritual quality is peculiar to people sensitive, not indifferent.

The hero of the story L. Kuklin really was imbued with the misfortune of a peer chained to a wheelchair. He did not regret the album for him and sincerely shared the boy’s feelings when he burst into tears with joy, accepting the gift.

Man needs a man, especially in difficult moments. It’s great that there is such a wonderful quality – compassion.

Option 3

Compassion is a manifestation of a person’s sincere, unselfish love for a person in a difficult situation. Compassionate people always act as if they are helping not someone else’s, but the closest person.

In the text of L. Kuklin, the son of the narrator leaves the album of rare stamps. The boy is touched by the story of a peer, a stranger, whose legs are paralyzed, and he, without hesitation, gives the patient a valuable collection.

I can give an example of compassion and from life: one of the residents of our house cooks on Saturdays dinners in a shelter for the homeless not because of money – out of compassion.

While this feeling will live in us, we can be called People.

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What is compassion?