Composition on Moscow

Moscow – the heart of the motherland

Moscow is the heart of our Motherland. Everyone agrees with this, even the majority of St. Petersburgers, often referring to a certain jealousy of its capital status.

Moscow is diverse and diverse – just like Russia itself. Here and noisy pedestrian Arbat with its artists, artists and souvenir sellers. This is a huge, noisy prospect of the World with its businesslikeness. This is the Red Square with its officiality, historicity and pilgrimage. This and various religious churches: Orthodox, Catholic, synagogues, mosques. This is the rich center of Moscow, filled with expensive cars at no less expensive restaurants and shops. This is the Moscow suburbs – workers, with their sleeves rolled up, where everything is a bit simpler. And all this is Moscow!

Much has seen, much has gone through our capital for its long history! Millions of people were born and died here – great and not very much. Moscow was captured by enemies, but it survived and this attack.

In Moscow, thousands of students from all over the world studied and studied. Leaving to their towns and villages, to their “small homeland”, they take to the heart and pieces of Moscow, this great heart of our great homeland.

The role of Moscow as the center of the country can not be overemphasized. Maybe that is why in 1941 and 1942 the soldiers spared no blood to prevent the fascists from entering this city, defending their hearts?

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Composition on Moscow