What is a fairy tale?

“In the far-away kingdom, in the thirtieth state.” Probably, each of us as a child fell asleep under the quiet voice of parents who read or told tales of beautiful princesses, brave princes and evil monsters. And in the same way, each of us will read such tales to his children. And what is a fairy tale, and what is it for?

First and foremost, a fairy tale is a genre of literary creation with an installation for fiction. And the tale can be both oral and written. The main feature of the fairy tale is that it is always a fictitious story with a happy ending, where good conquers evil. Fairy tales are author’s (composed by a certain author) and folk (composed by many people). There is also a well-known classification of fairy tales according to their content:

Fairy tales are magical. They reveal the best human qualities, the characters are romantic. In such a tale there must be a central positive hero, his assistants and magic items. Heroes of fairy tales

struggle with evil and injustice in the name of good and love. Examples are Russian folk tales about Ivan the Fool. Tales of animals. Here, permanent characters are animals (fox, wolf, bear, hare, etc.).

Animals interact, each of them personifies this or that human quality, for example, the cat is intelligent, the fox is cunning, the bear is strong. Examples: “Teremok”, “Turnip”, “Kolobok”. Social and domestic tales – illustrate real life, the characters are shown from the point of view of their social status, ridiculing negative human qualities. The best qualities in such tales are people from the people who, as a rule, are smarter and more cunning than representatives of a high social status (gentlemen, priests). These tales are satirical, they have a lot of humor and pun. Examples of social fairy tales: “Shemyakin court”, “porridge from the ax.” “The master and carpenter”, “The man and the priest.”

The main difference between a story and a fairy tale is that there is a narrator in the tale, and this narrator is not

the author of the story. In addition, the heroes of the skaz are most often really existing people, although many new fictional details are added to the tale.

Myth is a legend about the life, way of life, traditions and characteristics of the people, which is described in the myth. Myths are always connected with religion, in them there are gods and demigods. In fairy tales heroes can be ordinary people, the same as we are with you.

What is the meaning of a fairy tale? The purpose of the fairy tale is to teach children to distinguish good from bad, good from evil, smartness from stupidity. And I must say that the fairy tale copes with its task brilliantly.

In addition, a fairy tale helps children to develop their imagination. After all, parents often tell magical stories without using pictures, which means that the child needs to imagine how a beautiful princess or a shaggy monster looked.

What do fairy tales teach? The tale teaches us not to despair in difficult moments and always to overcome difficulties. After all, the main character in fairy tales always takes up the execution of impossible tasks, for solving incredible riddles.

The tale teaches how important it is for every person to have friends. And the fact that if you do not leave a friend in trouble, then he will help you in a difficult moment.

The tale teaches us not to judge people by their appearance. After all, in them any frog can easily turn out to be a beautiful maiden, and a monster – an enchanted prince.

A fairy tale teaches obeying parents. After all, a son or daughter, carrying out orders of the father and mother in fairy tales, always appears in a more successful position than their careless brothers and sisters.

Often a fairy tale teaches patriotism. No wonder the knights with such a willingness to rush to protect their native land from foreign invaders.

And finally, a fairy tale teaches us to be smart, not to hurry with the solution of a particular task, to think over our decisions.

Reading tales is useful not only in childhood. Growing up, we often forget that in the end good always wins evil, that any difficulties are surmountable, that a beautiful prince on a white horse is already looking for his princess, and she humbly waits for him. So read the fairy tales. Tell them to your children, come up with new stories, accompany them with playing dolls or drawing. After all, to give yourself and your child a little good mood before going to sleep is very simple!

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What is a fairy tale?