What does it mean to love the Motherland?

Homeland – what is it? Every person has his own concept of homeland. For someone there is a small Homeland – this is the street, the house where he lives; and for someone there is a great Motherland – this is the country where a person was born and raised. In general, the concept of the Motherland does not depend on the territorial boundary. The main thing is that a person, wherever he is, knows that he is a part of this area. The homeland is the place where a person “pulls” with all his heart and soul, wherever he would like to return, regardless of any obstacles and circumstances; a place for which he stands “mountain” and seeks to protect, preserve and preserve it.

What does it mean to love the Motherland, the Motherland?

Often you can hear the phrase “love of the motherland.” And what does it mean? And in general, what is this love manifested in? Love for the Motherland is a feeling of patriotism, a sense of pride

for your country, homeland or that corner of the Earth that a person considers his homeland. Perhaps you will ask: “And for what it is possible to love?”. I will answer that the Motherland can be loved and respected for nothing, but for something: for what it has; for the fields, forests, seas, oceans, but simply for the fact that we live here! And the love for her must manifest, first of all, in respect for the laws, the society of this country, in the love of history and the past of the Motherland. Also, the willingness to stand up for the defense of one’s own country, in any situation – is also a manifestation of patriotism! In my opinion, every person should decide for himself what the Motherland means for him, to love her. And then commit acts, influencing its further development! After all, this will be a manifestation of a sense of patriotism!

You can speak endlessly about our Motherland, but if someone asks me what it means to me, I will answer that my Motherland is Russia, as well as faith, hope and love!

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What does it mean to love the Motherland?