What does it mean to be an adult composition

What unites all children and adolescents? They all dream of becoming older. Adults are associated with them with independence, and there is nothing surprising. For a certain age, this is perfectly normal, because this is how the formation and development of the personality takes place. But, what does it mean to be an adult? Some people do not understand this even in 30 or more years.

Reasons to become an adult

Let’s see, why should we say goodbye to our childhood. Why imitate parents? Why does the moment come when girls try to look older than their years, start dyeing hair, doing makeup, dress like older girls? Boys tend to look like authoritative men, often taking for their ideal even criminal personalities. The answer is simple – they all dream of recognition and freedom of action.

Children obey their parents, they have limited rights, often they feel hostage to adults. Few of them understand that, thus, they want to be protected, protected from errors

and problems that can be avoided. Parents are so eager to share their own experience of trial and error, because they themselves attacked the rake.

What makes a man an adult

Think about it, but do you really want to grow up? Do you know that every adult person is doomed to control two persons in himself: a parent and a small child who wants to do rash things. A truly grown-up person can curb the inner child, stop the game when it has not yet managed to inflict harm to anyone. In turn, the inner child looks after the parent, not allowing him to over-command and control everything in the world. The adult takes full responsibility for the actions of his second personality.

Behavior of an adult

What will never make a person come out of childhood? He will not lie for no reason, steal, look for those guilty of his mistakes, he will not wear the mask of the elder. Most importantly, he will not try to outdo his age.

Being an adult means knowing how to distinguish between good and evil, wisdom from stupidity. It means being able to sacrifice something for the sake of other people. In turn, children

are distinguished by self-centeredness, rebellion, maximalism, willfulness. The adult can curb himself, if necessary, he will be able to limit himself and put himself in a framework to achieve his goal.

How to become an adult

Everything has its time! Do not rush to grow up, because then you can not return your childhood. But if you feel that it is really time for you to grow up, take some measures:

Learn how to cope with life’s difficulties and your own desires. Be able to tame your ardor, negative emotions, when they are superfluous.

Remember, a lot comes with experience, but do not seek too quickly to make money.

Listen to the advice of elders. Understand, they, in fact, have much more knowledge, they are unlikely to advise foolishness. Adult people very often seek advice from a wise person. This does not mean that you need to listen to such advice, but to take them into account, you will be more useful.

Learn to be responsible for every step, every word you say. You will truly be responsible for someone when you have a family, and now, try to start, do not shift responsibility to others.

Now you know the basic features of an adult. Well, do you still want to say goodbye to the rainbow children’s at times? Most importantly, you must understand that there is nowhere to hurry, if you are about 14, if you are over 30, then you are a bit late, but you can also make up for lost time.

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What does it mean to be an adult composition