How I helped my neighbor

Our neighbor, Aunt Pasha, had a misfortune: her cat Nyurka ran away from the dog and climbed a tall tree in the courtyard, and can not climb down or is afraid. And with Aunt Pasha this cat is like a daughter. And here Aunt Pasha stands under a tree and laments, as if someone died:

– Nyurochka, honey, get off the tree, fisher!

A cat only howls like a vampire, and climbs higher, and there, above, the branches are already quite thin, and then look – flop!

I decided to climb a tree and take off the deserter. And Aunt Pasha is afraid that I will not fall, wants to call rescuers from service “911”. I did not listen for a long time, but quickly climbed a tree. Does not understand Aunt Pasha, that to me and the passion itself is interesting how to climb trees!

But the main difficulty was to get Nyurku to land. She was so pissed off that she started to break out and scratch when I picked her up. I felt that she was about to break free and fall, and I shouted to the girls who gathered under a tree and stared at this epic:

-What do you watch? Now it will fall! Catch let’s!

The girls immediately realized what to do: they stretched the jacket to make a “trampoline”. So firefighters and stuntmen do – pull the trampoline, and the person jumps on it.

Just then Nyurka burst out and flew down with a stone. But its fall ended safely: the cat fell directly on the “trampoline” and immediately jumped on her shoulders to Aunt Pasha.

Neighbor and did not know how to thank us for saving the cat. We felt proud for helping Aunt Pasha!

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How I helped my neighbor