What does it mean to be a cultural person?

What does it mean to be a cultural person? The word culture is a very voluminous concept. It includes the totality of the achievements of mankind in production, social and intellectual terms. And the main engine in the development of culture in its broadest sense is man. Developing production, social relations and culture, a person develops himself, becomes educated, cultured. The culture of man consists of many features. It is impossible to call a person cultured or uncultured, because the same person can possess a high culture of production and have a wide range of knowledge in the field of technology, but be a perfect profane in art. And, to say, whether a particular person is cultured or not, one can only know him well, having become acquainted with him.

Human culture consists of many things: by education, spiritual and spiritual qualities, the fulfillment of norms, behavior in society. The great Russian writer AP Chekhov said that “Everything must be fine in a man:

clothes, face, and thoughts.” For these three criteria, one can judge a person’s culture. External culture is very important for a person. Everyone needs to be able to dress. This issue is now especially important for young people, because not all parents are able to buy their children expensive things. This should not create complexes for us, because we need to learn how to dress not richly, but culturally, with taste, preserving our unique individuality. You can talk a lot about the beauty of your face. But everyone’s face can be beautiful if a kind smile makes him bright, if honest, open eyes look at people.

But the most important human dignity is the beauty of his soul, his conscience, a sense of responsibility for his behavior towards the surrounding people and society. To enjoy such a virtue, one must work very hard for their education. Comprehensive education gives the person the necessary knowledge in the field of technology, culture and art. Studying history, physics, biology, geography, we aspire to be called intelligent people. Not to mention literature, which is generally for people the lessons of life.

We literary heroes learn to love the Motherland, respect their parents and themselves, not to lose their human dignity in any life situations, knowledge of a high sense of love. Every nation, every nation has its own holidays, customs, traditions, which form an integral part of the common culture of mankind. And every cultural person should respect national and folk traditions.

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What does it mean to be a cultural person?