Composition about the summer

Summer is the best and fun time of the year. You do not need to go to school, do your homework and be afraid of tests. The bright and hot sun blinds the eyes, and calls to the river or lake, the sea or the waterfall. How pleasant it is to plunge into a cool wave, to dive after beautiful stones, to swim with friends in a race. And then lie on hot sand or silky grass under the gentle splash of sea or river waves.

Summer vacations bring children joy, fun, mischievous games and fun, good mood and good health. In the village at the grandmother it’s great to go to the forest for berries or mushrooms. To get acquainted more closely with forest inhabitants and enjoy the singing of birds. Sitting by the fire, listen to the amazing stories of the old forester – a long, caring “master” of the forest. Help my grandmother weed the beds and every morning try a ripe, fragrant strawberry.

Vacations by the sea are charged with the romance of distant wanderings. Especially

when you’re sailing on a snow-white liner or a swift brigantine, splitting the elastic waves with a powerful ship’s nose. Whitewing gulls tirelessly circling above the high mast, loudly echoing with each other. The blue sea merges with the bluish sky somewhere on the far horizon. And you imagine yourself as a brave navigator, looking through binoculars on an endless sea surface.

If you are lucky to go to the mountains, then you can perfectly relax in a wooden house on a picturesque slope. Early in the morning to run to the spring, beating from under a huge boulder. Enjoy crystal clear mountain air, walking along the sloping hills. Or go up to the mountain top, in order to be in the snow captivity of a fairy tale among the summer.

Summer from the very beginning and up to the end pampers us with good weather, cheerful rest, ripe fruits and, of course, new acquaintances. After all, wherever we went to travel – everywhere there are good people and new friends.

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Composition about the summer