Biography of Konstantin Batyushkov

Konstantin Nikolaevich Batiushkov is a Russian poet.

Born May 18, 1787 in Vologda in a noble family.

Education in the biography of Batyushkov was received at the boarding school Zhakino Petersburg, then at the boarding house Tripoli. Not having finished his studies, Constantine devoted his time to literature. At that time, his taste as a writer developed, which was helped by his uncle – Mikhail Muravyov. The literary appearance of Batiushkov Konstantin Nikolayevich was formed under the influence of the works of the Roman poets Tibul, as well as Horace.

For the first time the poem of Constantine Batiushkov was published in 1805. In 1807-1808 he fought, participated in the Prussian campaign, the war with Sweden. In 1812, after his stay in Moscow, he began to serve in the Public Library of St. Petersburg.

Then in the biography of Constantine Batiushkov again came the military period – he took part in the capture of Paris. Upon his return from Europe, which surprised him with architecture and literature, he became a member of the Arzamas society.

Soon he published a book – “Experiments in verse and prose.” Then he made a trip to Italy, but because of longing for his homeland was forced to return. Disturbance of the soul, as well as the mental clearly manifested itself in 1822. A long time sick and tormented, Batiushkov died in 1855.

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Biography of Konstantin Batyushkov