The summary of the story of A. P. Chekhov “Chameleon”

The story begins with a description of the marketplace. Around silence. The open doors of shops and taverns look dejected, like hungry mouths, near them there are not even beggars. Across the square there is police inspector Ochumelov in a new overcoat and with a knot in his hand. Behind him – the policeman Eldyrin with a sieve filled with confiscated gooseberries.

Suddenly they heard screams. Turning his head, Ochumelov saw a small dog running on three legs running from the wood warehouse of the merchant Pichugin. She was chased by a man in a cotton starched shirt and an unbuttoned waistcoat. He ran after her, fell to the ground and grabbed the dog’s hind legs. Again there was a dog squeal and scream, and soon a crowd gathered around the wood warehouse.

Gorodovaya suggested that the riots had begun, and they and Otchumelov began to march toward the gathering.

Near the very gates of the warehouse stood a man who was chasing a dog, and raising his hand

up, he showed the crowd a bloody finger. Ochumelov learned the goldsmiths of the master Khryukin. In the center of the scandal was a small white greyhound puppy, in whose eyes the expression of anguish and horror was clearly read.

Ochumelov, crashing into the crowd, began to find out, because of what the people gathered, what with the finger and who shouted.

Hryukin began to explain that he was walking, not touching anyone, and this vile dog for no reason at all grabbed him by the finger. And since his work is shallow, he demands that he be paid, because he has not been able to move this finger for a week.

Ochumelov, severely coughing and wiggling his brows, began to ask whose dog it was, grumbling that it was time to fine the kind of gentlemen who did not want to obey the decrees. Eldyrin the warder ordered a protocol to be made to exterminate the dog.

Then someone from the crowd noticed that it seems to be the dog of General Zhigalov.

Ochumelov suddenly felt hot. Taking breath, he tried to find out from Khryukin how such a small dog could get to such a fucking finger, and suggested that

he fingered the carnation with his finger, and then decided to lie.

From the crowd again began to suggest that Hryukin poked a dog with a cigarette in the face for laughter, then she tapped it. To which Hryukin began to snap, saying that the truth behind him and his brother in the gendarmes.

The citywoman, after a little reflection, noticed that this dog is not a general’s, because the general has more and more cops.

Ochumelov agreed that the general’s dogs are expensive, thoroughbred, but this devil knows what-neither wool nor species, and advised Hryukin not to leave it this way.

Meanwhile, the policeman continued to think aloud about the dog and said that perhaps she was a general’s wife, because he had seen one such day in his yard. A voice from the crowd supported the policeman.

Ochumelov ordered Yeldyrin to put a coat on him, because he suddenly became rabid. He ordered the policeman to take the dog to the general and ask whether it was an animal or not, and do not forget to say that it was he, Ochumelov, who sent it. Hryukin, he ordered to lower his finger, since the hobo Hryukin himself is to blame, then there is nothing to show him.

At this time, the general’s chef Prokhor passed through the square. We decided to ask him.

Prokhor replied that they had no such dogs. Then Ochumelov quickly said that the dog was stray, and there was nothing more to ask. It is necessary to destroy – and that’s it.

Prohor continued that the dog was not a general, but his brother, who had arrived the other day. The general is not a hunter to the greyhounds, but his brother is a hunter.

Ochumelov’s face was flooded with a smile of emotion: “It turns out that the general’s brother has arrived, Vladimir Ivanovich?”

With the same affection, Ochumelov began to caress the little dog. Finally, Prokhor took it and went from the wood warehouse.

The crowd laughed at Khryukin, and Ochumelov began to threaten him. Then the policeman patrolled the overcoat and continued on his way through the market square.

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The summary of the story of A. P. Chekhov “Chameleon”