Ukraine is my native land

When asked such a topic, I want to talk not about the beauties of the Ukrainian land, not about its heroes, or about its riches. Everybody knows about this, and everyone is proud of this. I would like to reflect on today’s problems of my country.

I read somewhere that our people had not had their statehood for centuries. Is it so? On August 24, 1991, a step was taken that could not have been made by people who had not sought independence for centuries and had no experience of state organization. As early as the 9th century, the East Slavic association around Kiev created a powerful and civilized country – Kievan Rus. For two centuries the Ukrainian statehood existed in the form of the dependent Galicia-Volyn principality. The model of the democratic power was our glorious Zaporizhzhya Sich. The fact that these attempts to build a sovereign state did not bring success has its own historical explanation. In 1991, the Act on State Independence in the referendum was supported

by the absolute majority of Ukrainians. This could not happen without historical experience, who formed in the Ukrainian people the desire to have their own independent state. But the adoption of the Act of Independence is only the first step towards the creation of a sovereign state. On the eternal question “What should I do?” there is, in my opinion, one answer: we must begin with ourselves, with the education of a sense of responsibility in ourselves. We must understand that no good power, no financial assistance from the West and the world Ukrainian diaspora can create a rich and flourishing country for us. Every honest citizen should be responsible for building a new, rich country. Responsible attitude to his work site should not become a declaration, but a norm of life, a duty to the motherland. They may object: “It depends little on us, we are not power.” This is an outdated point of view. If you stick to it, then there will never be a shift for the better. Why are we not power? Who chooses to rule? We. On whose choice are both the deputies and the president in complete dependence?
From ours. So we, the voters, are “demos”, and there is a supreme power in a democratic state.

Now in our country difficult times. But I believe in my people, in the glorious future of my native Ukraine. This my faith is supported by the knowledge of Ukrainian history and the fact that Ukrainians are a highly educated nation. My hope for the better is strengthened by the fact that there is no war on the territory of Ukraine, and also that we managed to avoid national conflicts. We will overcome everything on the way to the prosperity of our homeland. I believe that the time is near when discussions about the search for a national idea and the lack of spirituality of our people will disappear. We will become a European power with all the attributes of democracy. At the same time, we will be able to save our ethnic and national identity, raise our science and culture to a new level. No one will ever encroach on all these values, because we will be a united and powerful nation, whose homeland bears a beautiful name – Ukraine.

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Ukraine is my native land