Tyumen region

Russia is vast and immense! There are many beautiful corners in it, new and ancient cities, good people… This is our common great Motherland. But the dearest to the heart are the places where you were born and raised; where your ancestors are buried and your children will probably live. In this work I want to tell about my small Motherland – about the Tyumen region. How is it different from others? What is interesting on its territory? What can we boast about before the guests?

Let’s start with the title. “Tyumen”. This word came from the combination of two words: “Tyu” and “Myan.” And the word combination is translated as “my treasure”. And it is true! The Tyumen land is full of treasures. Some of them are hidden deep in the bowels, while others are painted on the surface. For example, the number of forests in the region ranks third in Russia. There are many rivers and lakes here… And do you know that 90

percent of all Russian gas is extracted from us – in the Tyumen region? Oil is 66 percent here. There are other minerals that are used mainly in construction: quartz sand, limestone, building stone, etc.

Once upon a time people from all over the country came to us to arrange the extraction of natural treasures. Most of them stayed here forever, and now our region is one of the most multinational in Russia. Representatives of 125 nationalities live in the Tyumen region! They are Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Khanty, Nenets, Mansi, Chuvash and many others. Each of them has its own culture, language, customs and traditions. But we live in harmony, respecting each other. And we love our common small Motherland.

There are many interesting facts in the history of the Tyumen region. The region itself was established not so long ago – during the war, in 1944. But even before that, people lived here and various significant events took place. For example, on Pogan Lake, which is located near Nizhnyaya Tavda, Ermak and his soldiers fought against the Tatars. The bodies of the deceased were dropped

into the lake, so it got its name. The village of Pokrovskoye is the birthplace of the outstanding Russian figure Grigory Rasputin. And in one of the monasteries of Tobolsk the royal family spent their days in 1918 begging for salvation for themselves and other victims of the Bolsheviks… We are all proud of the Tobolsk Kremlin, a unique stone structure, and we are glad to show it to tourists.

Definitely, there is much to see in the Tyumen region. This is a huge territory, in shape resembling the heart. Maybe that’s why we love her so much and are so firmly attached to her heart? .. I want my native land to develop and prosper. And I will try to do everything in my power for this!

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Tyumen region