“They defended their homeland”

The mortal battle is bloody, Mortal battle is not for glory, For the sake of life on earth!

Having entered the new century and the third millennium, I want to look back, see and appreciate the most significant, fateful. The first in a series of such events, in my opinion, is the Great Patriotic War. The further we from it, the more we realize the greatness of the people’s exploit. And the sharper – the terrible price of victory.

The first postwar report of the outcome of the war was as follows: seven million dead.

Then another figure went into circulation for a long time: twenty million. And now, relatively recently, officially twenty-seven million have been named. And how many crippled, broken lives, how many unborn children, how many pangs of mother, father, widow! Scary was the payment for the salvation of the Fatherland.

More than sixty years have passed since the trampling of the Russian land forged German boots. We do not hear the buzz of

planes with fascist crosses on their wings, people do not run to bomb shelters, do not stand night after night with a quarter of black military bread. But the terrible days of 1941-1945 will forever remain in the memory of people who survived that time, “in columns of newspapers, in sketches on canvas” depicting great and tragic events.

We were tall, fair haired,

You will read in books as a myth,

About people who have left, are disliked,

Not having smoked the last cigarettes.

The war has long been a history, the main participants of which are people and time. Do not forget the time – then do not forget the people… Those who survived in that terrible war, who gave their youth, health, risked their lives for us who now live in a free country.

Veterans of war are becoming less and more near to us. They are mostly very old and sick people who need help. We must remember them, remember, and not recall once a year – on May 9, the Victory Day. These people deserve constant attention from the state, and from the surrounding relatives, neighbors, just acquaintances. To say kind words, to listen, to bring medicine from a pharmacy is so little, but it is very important for them.

What people committed in our country during the Great Patriotic War is called a collective feat. They fought for the independence of the Motherland, for our happiness. Eternal memory to the dead in that war and a deep bow to the survivors! (335 words)

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“They defended their homeland”