Kamenetz-Podolsky fortress. Secrets of the Castles of the 15th-16th centuries

1. What is the strongest fortress in Ukraine?

An outstanding monument of the defensive architecture of Ukraine is the Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress. The complex of its structures on the high rocky bank of the Smotrych River was formed over the centuries. The fortress was one of the most impregnable defensive structures of Podillia. The Turkish traveler Evlya Chelebi, who traveled to Ukraine in 1656, wrote: “Equally it is not only in Polish possessions, but apparently in Czech, and in Swedish country, in the Dutch state, and in the mountains of the German “. Since the end of the 15th century. until the middle of the 16th century. wooden fortifications were replaced by stone, thickened and raised the walls, built new towers, etc. In the middle of the 16th century, The fortress acquired a form close to today’s. In form, it became a rectangle stretched from east to west, surrounded by high walls and towers,

Life behind the walls of castles on the Ukrainian lands

took place according to European customs. Princely courts willingly accepted wandering musicians, jugglers, and later jesters. Between skomorokhami and jugglers, which pleased the common people, and those who entertained the princes, there were no special differences. Artists of that time were masters of all trades: musicians, acrobats, jugglers and animal trainers. Sources tell about acrobats who demonstrated their tricks on tight ropes, holding pitchers with water, or played on an incline with swords, acrobats on balls. There is a mention even of such dangerous numbers as the flight “from the church or the high chambers on the silk wings.” Especially popular among princes’ households were animal trainers. Most esteemed artists with bears. Trainers taught animals to stand on their hind legs, to imitate human movements, to dance to the beat of music. Bears entertained spectators by fighting and dancing. Dogs, horses, wolves and even rabbits were also trained. Animals in the castles of some princes were kept in zoo-predecessors of modern zoos.

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Kamenetz-Podolsky fortress. Secrets of the Castles of the 15th-16th centuries