My Motherland – Ukraine

I was born on the land of Ukraine, I live in Ukraine and I hope, I will die here. There are people I love. Then my family, my friends, the graves of my loved ones. Ukraine is my Motherland. And I love her, bad or good, poor or rich. Let not quite smoothly, she has business, but she’s on my own, there’s no other such country. Also will not be.

Someone will say: “Well, yes, now it is fashionable to admit love to all of Ukraine as a whole.” And I will not confess to anyone. Frankly, I do not like much: most of our variety and modern books, arrogance of Ukrainian nationalists, ready to share everything in the world with “our” and “not ours.” And in general I think that it is foolish to consider, for example, Ukrainian daisies are better than Russian ones. I do not care who of the people around me are Ukrainian, and who does not. After all, we live in the same country, we walk on the same land, we take pleasure in the ice cream factory

“Khladoprom”, we rejoice at the victories of the Klitschko brothers, we look at “Roksolana” and “Waiting room”. I never thought about whether I can be considered a patriot. I just love Ukraine. Maybe, someday I will want to leave here or even have to do it – anything can happen. And maybe I will like another country. But there will not be my friends, my parents, my favorite cartoons about the Cossacks, the story of Nechuy-Levitsky’s Kaydasheva Sima and my mother’s vareniki with strawberries, and many other things with which the concept of “Motherland” is related to me. Although far from Ukraine you can find new friends, create your own family, love other cartoons, buy some Nechuya-Levitsky volume somewhere, and vareniki with strawberries can learn how to cook yourself… Stop, but what about Khreshchatyk? And what about the architectural reserve in Lviv? But what about Seversky Donets? And the Carpathians? Wherever I go, whatever places fascinate me, I’ll still prefer to go out with friends to a picnic in our usual boron,

I really want to see Italy and France. I want to go to Australia and to America. I dream to visit Brazil, Canada and New Zealand. I would love to travel, I do not like to sit still. Perhaps somewhere I would be delayed, somewhere not. But I am sure that from any country in the world, however good it may be, I would return home, to my Ukraine. Here they are waiting for me. Here is my whole life. I do not need another Motherland.

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My Motherland – Ukraine