The Ukrainian Revolution of 1917. Mikhail Grushevsky

1. What event is called the Ukrainian revolution?

When in 1917 in the capital of the Russian Empire Petrograd the power of the tsar was overthrown, Ukrainian parties and public organizations created the Ukrainian Central Rada. It was headed by Mikhail Grushevsky. The Central Rada elected the government – the General Secretariat headed by Vladimir Vinnichenko. In November of the same year, the Ukrainian People’s Republic was proclaimed. The events of those turbulent years are called the Ukrainian revolution by historians.

Soon the situation in Ukraine worsened because of the war with the Bolshevik government, which came to power in Russia. In the conditions of the war, it was not so much to regulate domestic life, but to take care of defense. In December 1917, in Kharkov, the Ukrainian Bolsheviks proclaimed Ukraine a Soviet republic and established their own government. The troops of this government occupied the Left-bank Ukraine and launched an offensive against

Kiev. Under the circumstances, the Central Rada on January 9, 1918 proclaimed the independence of the UPR. But on February 9, Bolshevik troops captured Kiev. The government of the UPR addressed Germany and Austria-Hungary with a request for military assistance. On April 29, 1918, the power in Ukraine was captured by Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky. But already in mid-November an uprising broke out against the hetman regime. December 14, after the abdication of P. Skoropadsky from power, was renewed by the UPR. However, the UPR again had to fight the Bolsheviks. This war ended in the victory of the Bolsheviks.

Events unfolded in the West Ukrainian lands as well. In October 1918, the Ukrainian National Council was established in Lviv, and on November 1, Ukrainian troops seized power. On November 13, the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic was proclaimed. January 22, 1919 in Kiev solemn proclamation of the act of evil ZUNR and UNR. This day went down in history as the Day of Ukrainian Soborhood.

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The Ukrainian Revolution of 1917. Mikhail Grushevsky