Christianization of Europe

At the end of the IV century. the emperors Constantine I and Theodosius I turned the Roman Empire into Christianity. At the same time, some barbarian tribes on the territory of the empire became Christians. At the end of the 5th c. baptized Francs, later – Visigoths, tribes of the Iberian Peninsula, Lombards, separate tribes of Angles and Saxons. In the VI-VIII centuries. The restless English and Irish monks already spread Christianity in all corners of Europe. The last in the West changed the pagan faith in the Christian in the XII-XIV centuries. the Polabian Slavs, the Prussians, the Lithuanians. At the same time under the spiritual authority of the pope fell Poles, Serbs and Bulgarians chose the Byzantine form of Christianity and submitted to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Christianization of Europe was not entirely smooth. Converted tribes and peoples often returned to paganism again. Secular and ecclesiastical authorities had to baptize them twice, or even three times.


conversion of Europeans to the faith of Christ was facilitated by the meeting of the year 1000, when everyone expected the end of the world and the second coming of Christ.

Although Christianity did not fully reconcile Europe, yet European Christian Christians became more humane and cultured. The Church called for obedience to the authorities and life circumstances, thus having a considerable influence on the process of Feudalization of Europe. She made the Europeans co-religionists and this rallied them. Organization of the Crusades the church gave impetus to the colonization movement.

XI century. From the work of the Burgundian chronicler Raul Glauber

With the onset of the third year that followed the thousandth, almost all the lands, but especially Italy and Gaul, witnessed the reorganization of church churches. Although most of them were soundly built and did not need it, real rivalry pushed every Christian community to acquire a more luxurious church than its neighbors. The world seemed to shake out the rags and everywhere to dress in new white clothes of churches. At that time, almost all… churches… even small rural chapels were rebuilt by believers and became even more elegant.

Thus, Christianization has largely ennobled life in Europe.

Christianization is the conversion to the Christian faith.

Feudalization is the formation and spread of feudal relations.

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Christianization of Europe