The relationship between man and nature

Vladimir Alekseevich Soloukhin – Russian writer and poet, a prominent representative of “village prose” in his text discusses the problem of the relationship between man and nature.

The author tells how he went fishing in a wonderful country. Most of all he was impressed by the dawn. Several times the hero returns to this place, where the Black River meets the Koloksha River, but he could not again find himself in this country.

VA Soloukhin believes that nature gives an unforgettable experience to a person, helps him to feel happy, to gain an understanding that every moment of life is unique. Being in nature, a person learns to genuinely rejoice in the world around him.

I believe that people and nature are closely related. Many artists, poets, composers drew inspiration, being alone with nature. For example, the singer of Russia – Sergei Yesenin throughout his work sang the native land. Nature was a muse for him.

The Buddha and his

followers believed that only after reuniting with nature, they will achieve nirvana. So they left their families and went into the forest.

Thus, I came to the conclusion that every person who knows how to enjoy nature, enjoys it.

(1) A trip to Olepin gave me an unforgettable experience. (2) The morning caught me not in bed, not in the hut or city apartment, but under a haystack on the bank of the Koloksi River.

(3) But not the fishing day, I remember the morning of this day. (4) It was not the first time that I approached the water in the dark, when you do not even see the float on the water, barely beginning to absorb the very first, lightest lightening of the sky.

(5) Everything was as it were ordinary that morning: the catching of perches, the flock that I attacked, and the pre-dawn chilliness rising from the river, and all the unique smells that arise in the morning where there is water, sedge, nettles, mint, meadow flowers and bitter willow.

(6) And yet the morning was extraordinary. (7) The scarlet clouds, round, as if inflated, floated across the sky with the solemnity and slow swans.

(8) Al clouds floated along the river, coloring not only water with their color, not only are they light over the water, but also wide glossy leaves of water lilies. (9) The white fresh colors of water lilies were like roses in the light of a burning morning. (Yu) Drops of red dew fell from the bent willow into the water, spreading red, with a black shadow, circles.

(11) An old fisherman walked through the meadows, and in his hand a large caught fish blazed with red fire. (12) Haystacks, stumps, tree, growing away! the coppice, the old man’s hut – everything seemed particularly convex, bright, as if something had happened to our eyes, and not the game of the great sun was the reason for the unusualness of the morning. (13) The flame of the fire, so bright at night, was almost imperceptible now, and his pallor further emphasized the dazzling morning glitter. (14) So forever I remember those places along the shore of Koloksha, where our morning dawn passed.

(15) When, having eaten the ears and fell asleep again, the sun praised by the risen sun! and slept, we woke up about three or four hours later, it was impossible to know: the neighborhood. (16) The sun that rose at the zenith removed all shadows from the earth. (17) The contours, the convexity of earthly objects, disappeared somewhere and the fresh coolness and burning of the dew, and the glittering of it. (18) The meadow flowers faded, the water faded and in the sky instead of the bright and lush clouds the veil spread a smooth whitish haze. (19) It was the impression that a few hours ago we magically visited a completely different, wonderful country, where both red lilies and red! a fish on a rope by an old man, and the grasses are shining with lights, and everything is more beautiful there, more clearly, just as it happens in miraculous countries, where it falls] solely by the power of fairy magic.

(20) How can we get into this wonderful scarlet country again? (21) After all, no matter how much you come then to the place where the Black River meets the Koloksha River and where the Gorodisci roosters yell for the epic hill, you will not penetrate where you want, as if you forgot the powerful magic word that spreads forests and mountains.

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The relationship between man and nature