Moscow is being built

In the vicinity of Moscow there are forests and groves, where the neighborhood of the city is not felt at all, only large planes pass through their highways in the sky… Narrow forest paths converge on large roads. The roads approach the outskirts of the city. New quarters appear between thin white birches, between gray aspen trunks.

Without these newly built districts, old towns seem to be families without children, without tomorrow. But cities that lose their antiquity lose with it the precious feelings of their biography, the wonderful properties of memories. Cities, like people, live their present, past and future.

Once at the Kaluga outpost ended Moscow, the suburb began: the road, the forest, the villages – who then thought about Vnukovo airport!

The poor streets have vanished into the past. And Moscow stands – grown up, younger, unrecognizable and… all the same: the only one, unique.

Prospect Vernadsky, Kutuzovsky, Volgograd,

Ryazan prospectuses – how many of them, emerged recently in the capital in those places where there used to be outskirts of town houses and outskirts of the village with crooked wooden huts and short streets that creep after the first rain. Over the past ten years, Moscow has devoured more than eighty villages.

These prospectuses emerge so quickly that even old-timers, who are difficult to hit, marvel at the unusual construction speed. It is no wonder that the profession of a builder is one of the most massive in our city. In recent years, whole construction plants have been created in Moscow, in which shops apartments are being erected. Two or three days, for example, builders need to build a floor of a large house from such apartments. Now in Moscow there are no concepts of “center” and “edge”. And there, and here – modern avenues, modern houses… Moreover, in terms of convenience, comfort, “outlying” houses sometimes surpass those in the center. In addition, the apartments in them are much cheaper, which is important for new settlers. After all, now, having earned

a certain amount of money, you can enter into a shared construction and become the owner of a new apartment.

The so-called “new Russians”, for whom there are no problems with money, still prefer to buy apartments closer to the city center, because here all the institutions, banks, exchanges that are constantly needed. And to drive around on Mercedes and other foreign cars all over the vast Moscow, where it is not so easy to overcome all the “traffic jams” on the roads, it is inconvenient. The most chic and expensive apartments in post-communist Moscow on Arbat, Tverskaya, on Smolenskaya Square.

Builders do not care so much about the comfort of future tenants, but about preserving the architectural appearance of the capital. Its mayor, the heads of municipalities invariably stand guard over Moscow’s interests as remarkable for the beauty of the Russian city.

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Moscow is being built