The problem of the meaning of human life

The problem of the meaning of human life is the key and most important criterion in the science of philosophy. After all, the vital activity of each person and his goals ultimately lead to the search for the meaning of life.

The meaning of life shows a person what all his activities are for. Each of us also needs to distinguish between such concepts as the “life goal” and the “meaning of life”. The meaning of life can be divided into two branches: individual and social. In the individual component, the meaning of life for each person is considered separately. It denotes the degree of moral and material development of the individual. In the social aspect, the “meaning of life” should be viewed as a person’s significance for the society in which he lives and develops. It also takes into account the factor of how a person manages to interact with the world around him, to achieve his goals in accordance with generally accepted norms. All these

components must be present in each of us, they must be interrelated and constantly develop harmoniously.

The problem of the meaning of life and death invariably boils down to one – to the question of eternal life. This problem has been of interest and concern for people for many centuries and millennia. In philosophy, it is customary to single out several ideas about immortality:

Scientific representation. Here we consider the physical immortality of the human body.

Philosophical representation. This spiritual immortality, which preserves generation after generation, everything that accumulated in different time intervals, different epochs and in different cultures. The main criterion here is the social values ​​that are created and achieved by man for the development of society.

Religious performance. Immortality of the soul.

The problem of finding the meaning of life

Each person, in an attempt to find his meaning of life, tries to establish for himself those landmarks for which he will live. Such goals for a person can be career, family idyll, faith in God, duty

to the Motherland, creative development and many other things. To come to your own meaning of life you can use the following ways:


Own attitudes and principles of man;

Awareness of the beauty and splendor of the surrounding world.

To carry out what is now really important for you is to live meaningfully, your further actions depend on it.

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The problem of the meaning of human life