Summary of “Lolita”

Teacher of French literature, Thirty-Seven Humbert Humbert has an unusual attraction to very young girls from nine to fourteen years old. This novel-confession was written to them in prison, and the action takes place in the summer of 1947.

Living in Paris, ten years before, was married, but his wife left him for the sake of a Russian emigrant colonel just before he moved to America. There he undergoes treatment in sanatoriums from melancholy and after leaving one of these, takes a house from Mrs. Charlotte Haze in New England. The hostess has a daughter who is twelve years old, named Dolores, or Do, or Lolita. It reminds him of the first love, the loss of which imposes its imprint on the erotic life.

On the pages of the diary, he talks about an irresistible desire for a girl, but unexpectedly finds out about her trip to a summer camp. Charlotte, at the time, burns with love for him and in his letter asks to leave her house if there is no reciprocity. Not seeing another

way out to see Lolita, to be always near her, Humbert marries his mother. But the wife puts her in a boarding house, immediately after the camp, and then at Beardsley College. And all hopes will collapse before our eyes. Then he has a desire to drown Charlotte in the forest lake, but again the plan does not incarnate due to the fact that the neighbor-artist is watching them.

Once the wife finds and reads the diary of the spouse and takes it to clean water. At a time when Humbert is thinking about how to get out of this situation, Charlotte gets under the car, running across the road to send letters.

Immediately after the funeral, the stepfather rides for Do. Upon arrival, he informs the stepdaughter that mothers must do a very complicated operation. After arriving at the hotel, on the first night, he drinks it with sleeping pills to quench his lust. The medicine did not give a result, but because of its indecision, it can not touch it. On waking, she herself seduces her stepfather, it turned out that she was not a virgin. For the first time this happened in the son of the head of the camp, not so long ago.


that, Humbert tells the whole truth about her mother. Since the month of August, 1947, they have been moving from motels to hotels, cottages in the United States. By various bribes and blackmail, the hero tries to hide from the police, the fact of the seducer. While traveling, they visit many different corners of the country, but despite the passion, they quarrel all the time. To give the girl to a private gymnasium in Beardsley, the couple travels to the east of America, instead of hiding somewhere.

In 1949, in January, the girl turns fourteen. It is very different in the eyes: it is expressed unbearably, it requires money for closeness and hides it, so that after collecting the necessary amount, run away. In the gymnasium, she studies in a theatrical circle, where she falls in love with the author of the play “Enchanted Hunters” Quilty, who at that time was a famous playwright. Suspected something is not right, Humbert takes the stepdaughter from Beardsley a week before the premiere of the production.

This summer their last trip to America takes place. Humbert has more and more suspicions, distrust of the girl. He is haunted by the thought of treason, the fear of leaving her alone for a long time. And the gun in the box, too, is being checked more often. He begins to notice the suspicious cars following them, suspects anyone who dares to speak to Lola. Increasingly, he begins to think that someone hired a detective to watch them. Continuing the journey, they visit theaters, go to plays Quilty and Damor-Blok.

In Elphinstone, Lolita had to be hospitalized because of the heat. This is the first time they must part, and after a while he fell ill. After recovery, Humbert arrives at the hospital to pick up the girl, but he is informed that she left the day before with her “uncle”

All three and a half years, alone, he does not lower his hands, he does everything to find it, he goes back the same way to Beardsley. Arrives there in the autumn. The man spends half a year on treatment in a sanatorium. In the spring meets a tender, stupid and naive thirty-year-old girlfriend Rita, who saves him from a straitjacket.

After that, he teaches one year at the University of Cantrip. And on September 22, 1952, being in New York, receives from Lolita a letter from which she learns of her marriage, pregnancy, and also about the request to help with money to cut off debts due to the fact that she and her husband want to leave for Alaska, where he was promised a robot.

Thanks to the stamp on the envelope, Humbert learns their address and captures the gun to them. It turns out that it’s on the edge of some small town in a shack, and her husband is a veteran of the war, almost does not hear.

He also learns the name of the one who kidnapped and seduced her – Claire Quilty, who was a depraved genius to little girls. He bribed Lolita with a promise to bring to Hollywood, for trial. But it turned out all wrong. For the fact that she refused to drink, drugs and take part in orgies, she was thrown out into the street. After that, she was very poor, and after a while she got acquainted with her husband.

After refusing Humbert to return home, he leaves them with his wife four thousand dollars – income from the house of her late mother, and he goes in search of a kidnapper and a debauchee.

Now he feels remorse for Lolita. To somehow make amends, he returns to Ramzdel and transfers all the property of the mother to his daughter, and also learns where Quilty is now.

The protagonist with a gun penetrates into the ancestral castle in Parkington to his enemy. When men meet, there is talk in delirium, shooting, misfiring, a fight. Quilty tries to escape from the enemy, he fires once more and… At this time, many visitors come to the house, they drink alcohol without paying attention to Humbert’s statements, about the master’s murder, but here comes the half-dead, all in the blood of Quilty and dies. The murderer calmly leaves the castle.

Humbert began writing his work “Lolita” in a psychiatric hospital, where doctors check his sanity, continues to write a confession awaiting trial in prison. But never waiting for him to die of a heart attack. Shortly after his death, Lolita also dies, having given birth to a dead girl at Christmas 1952.

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Summary of “Lolita”