The population of North America

1. What is the origin of the peoples of North America?

The origin of the peoples of North America, as well as of the peoples of South America, is the history of the conquest and settlement of continents by Europeans. If in the colonization of South America the greatest participation was taken by the Spaniards and the Portuguese, then the North America was inhabited by the British, the Irish, the French, the Germans, and the Spaniards. Among the settlers were Ukrainians and Russians. The indigenous population of North America consisted of “American Indians”, named so with the light hand of X. Columbus and his companions, convinced that in 1492 they opened the way to India and met with the Indians.

In the southern United States, the African American descendants of slaves exported from Africa and sold to the sugar and cotton plantations of the southern states played an important role in the formation of the American people.

2. What are the reasons for placing the population on the mainland.

The population is unevenly distributed. The main factors affecting the density of the population of the continent are natural conditions and the level of economic development of the territory. An important role is played by the history of the settlement of the continent. Thus, the colonization of North America began from the northeast, which is now the most dense. This area is the most developed economically.

High population density in the west of the continent, in the Gulf of Mexico, in the southeast and in the central regions of Mexico. Almost the entire area of ​​North America is occupied by three countries: Canada, the US and Mexico. The remaining countries of North America are in the region of Central America and the Caribbean. There are many countries in this region, and they are small in area.

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The population of North America