Agriculture and plant growing in Russia

1. Why is the share of agricultural land so small with such a large area of ​​Russia? Compare their area with the area of ​​agricultural lands of other countries.

Indeed, agricultural land in Russia occupies small areas. This can be explained by the fact that most of the country’s territory is in an inappropriate climate for agriculture, where the soils are also chained with permafrost. However, the share of arable land in Russia is greater than, for example, in Canada and Brazil.

In Russia, the most plowed is the Central Black Earth region, to the north and south of it the share of arable land decreases. The share of pastures increases to the south, and hayfields to the north. Eastern Siberia is the only economic region where the share of natural forage lands exceeds the share of cultivated land.

2. Name and show on the map the areas of cultivation of basic cereals and industrial crops.

The main grains in order of decreasing importance and share

of crops are wheat, barley, oats, rye. Fill in the blank columns in the table.

3. In which regions of Russia is the most developed crop production? Why?.

Crop production is most developed in the forest-steppe and steppe zones with fertile soils, a warm mild climate and the optimum ratio of heat and moisture for agriculture. This is the Central Black Earth, Volga and North Caucasus economic regions, therefore they are called the main granaries of Russia.

4. Think about which branches of crop production are widespread almost everywhere.

Vegetable growing is widely spread, which supplies perishable products directly to consumers.

5. Prove on specific examples that crop production depends on agroclimatic conditions.

To do this, it is enough to compare the map of the zonal specialization of agriculture and the map of distribution of individual crops with maps of natural areas.

6. Remember from the course of geography of the 8th class, what distinguishes extensive and intensive agriculture. Fill in the blank boxes.

The difference lies in the ways to increase production.

With extensive farm management, agricultural areas increase without any changes in farming methods.

With intensive farming, investments in cultivated land and in farm animals are increasing. Costs are then repeatedly overlapped by increased yields, yields, etc.

The main methods here are selection, chemicalization, melioration, mechanization.

7. What is the specialization of agriculture in your region? What are the reasons for it?

To answer this question, first determine the general direction of agriculture in your area on the map. Then refine it using data from local history books and books, local media.

In order to determine the reasons for this specialization, remember the peculiarities of the climatic conditions of your region.

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Agriculture and plant growing in Russia