Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean in the Far East

What significance does the Pacific Ocean have for our country? Which sectors of the economy are associated with the maritime boundary and development of the resources of the seas?

The seas of the Pacific Ocean are of great transport importance. Thanks to the fishing industry, the food industry is the second in the list of industries specializing in the Far East. The extraction of oil and gas on Sakhalin is of great importance. Maintenance of an extensive maritime boundary requires the development of shipbuilding and ship repair.

What is the difference between the seas of the Far East and the Arctic seas of Russia?

They are generally deeper, warmer, better developed.

The seas of the Far East stretched out from north to south. Are their nature and conditions of economic use changing depending on the geographic location? Give examples.

The law of latitudinal zoning manifests itself not only on land, but also in the ocean. From north to south, the heat

supply and the nature of the seas are changing. You can notice this even by enumerating the characteristic representatives of the animal world. For example, the Bering Sea in the northern parts is similar to the Barents Sea, for it the bird markets and pinnacles of pinnipeds are typical. You will not see this in the Sea of ​​Japan, in which heat-loving anchovies, tuna, trepangs, oysters, sea scallops are mined.

The seas of the Pacific Ocean are bordered by numerous islands. Name them and show on the map.

A large island in the Pacific Ocean adjacent to Russia is only one – Sakhalin. Among the small islands are archipelagos: the Commander Islands, the Shantar Islands, the Kuril Islands, and also located east of Kamchatka. Karanginsky.

What seafood of the Pacific seas, which are the objects of the trades, you know?

The main wealth of the Pacific seas is listed in paragraph for each sea. Fishing value, salmon, herring, saury, flounder, pollock, cod, famous Kamchatka crabs with a span of claws about a meter, shrimp, oysters, scallops, squid, iodine-rich sea kale.

Stress the products

you know, go to the fish store and pay attention to the producers of fish products.

The seacoast is a recreational area. Which part of the sea is the most favorable for recreation by its natural features? Suggest ways to develop the Far East as a recreational zone.

The best area for recreation is Peter the Great Bay from Nakhodka to the southern border of Russia. This is the warmest place in the Far East, where you can swim almost all summer. Only the port facilities of Nakhodka and Vladivostok violate the virgin sea landscape with sandy beaches and rocky shores. Recreational resources of this area are still little used, because for a long time this area was closed to visit as a military facility. After the opening, the district could become an analogue of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus in the Far East. Monsoon rains and typhoons complicate matters, frequent fogs in the first half of summer. However, in Florida, hurricanes often occur, and large spaces are simply swamped, yet it is one of the most attractive resort areas in the world.

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Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean in the Far East