The Parable “In the Barbershop”

One person went to the hairdresser’s. As usual, we talked. We talked about this and that. Suddenly, the conversation touched God.

“Whatever you say to me, I do not believe in God,” said the barber.

– Why? the visitor asked.

– Yes this is clearer than clear. One has only to go beyond the threshold to make sure that there is no God. Tell me, would there be so many sick, unfortunate people if God were? Would there be street children? No, if God existed, there would be no suffering, no pain. It is impossible to imagine that the God-man-lovers give their consent to all this.

The visitor pondered for a moment, but refrained from arguing. When the barber finished his work, he got up. I went out and suddenly saw an unshaven and overgrown person. It seemed that he was not in the barber shop for ages. After watching a little for a sloven, the man returned to the barber shop.

“Do you know what I have to say?” Hairdressers do not exist.

– Like this? – the master was surprised. “Then who am I?” I’m a hairdresser!

– No! exclaimed the lord. – Hairdressers do not exist, because if it were different, there would not have been overgrown people like that that man outside the window.

“What are you talking about?” It’s not about the hairdressing salons, but the fact that not everyone comes to me.

– That’s it! agreed the man. – And I think so: God exists, but not all people come to him.

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The Parable “In the Barbershop”