The Painting Surikov “Menshikov in Berezovo”

Surikov’s work “Menshikov in Berezovo” once again shows us how talented this artist is, showing the audience various historical moments. It is almost impossible to disclose the true meaning of the picture without knowing some facts from the history of our state. That is why I read more about the main character of the painting – A. Menshikov, who is known as an associate of Peter the Great. The city of Berezov interested the author not by chance, because it was there, in Siberia, Menshikov was exiled with his family after the death of the tsar.

In the picture we see a room in a wooden hut, rather reminiscent of a prison cell, so gloomy and miserable it looks. Through the small window, the daylight is barely passing, lightening the room a little. Furniture here is minimal, only the most necessary: ​​a table, a bench, a bed. In the corner Surikov painted a shelf with icons. It was they who inspired faith and hope for the Russian people in the most difficult life. time. These icons illuminate only a small candle stump. The faces of all the heroes of the picture are full of sadness, longing.

Everywhere the closeness of the room is felt. It is shown so accurately that it presses on the viewer, creating a feeling of despair. However, despite all the tension of the picture, the artist showed her several books. I think that the big open book on the table is the Bible. It is she who helps many people to cope with the hardships of fate.

The clothes of both Menshikov and his children do not appear to be poor, because in the past they belonged to secular society. On his arm, we see a ring that reminds us of happy times. The stern, imperious look of the protagonist, his proud bearing show that he is still strong and courageous. Menshikov’s example is not the only one in Russian history. Surikov showed only one of many broken destinies in the history of our state.

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The Painting Surikov “Menshikov in Berezovo”