Daily life, customs and traditions of medieval India

Daily life, customs and traditions of medieval India

Well-off Indians lived in spacious homes that had a bathroom and a restroom. The house was furnished with armchairs, beds, the floor was covered with mats, carpets, animal skins. The poor people huddled in reed huts.

Male and female clothes were protozoa. At home everyone walked half-naked, people wore a long shirt and a cloak. Women beautifully wrapped their bodies in a long, several meters, cloth – sari. Under the influence of Muslims they also wore trousers and a skirt, men – trousers and a shirt. Men wore Turban on their heads, women walked with their heads uncovered.

Indians adored jewelry and cosmetics. Women decorated themselves in the holidays with garlands, wreaths.

The Indians mainly fed dairy and vegetable dishes. Meat and strong drinks almost did not use, as it was forbidden by religion.

The Indians loved to have fun, to celebrate. In early spring holi were celebrated – a holiday of colors. In the autumn celebrated diwali – a festival of lights, so that my beloved hero and god Rama would have a better idea of ​​returning home after defeating the insidious demon. There were many other holidays.

Turban is a headdress made of light fabric among some peoples of Asia and Africa.

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Daily life, customs and traditions of medieval India