Composition on the film Klimt “Kiss”

The painting “Kiss” is one of the most famous works of Gustav Klimt. It refers to the “golden” period of the artist’s work and fully reflects all the features of this stage. The name “gold” is associated primarily with the technique of work that prevailed at this time. Klimt actively used the shades of gold, worked with gold leaf. In accordance with this, the predominant color in the picture “Kiss” is golden. This shade takes up most of the canvas.

The picture is symbolic and even somewhat schematic. The plot is quite simple. In the center of the canvas there are two figures standing on the edge of the rock. The man leaned toward the woman to kiss her. The couple is absolutely separated from everything that surrounds it, young people are carried away by each other. It is noteworthy that no details are no longer visible, they simply do not exist. And the viewer appears to be somewhat detached, a third-party observer.


originality of the picture and in the unusual integrity of the figures. It seems that the man and woman have merged into one, become one. However, the author still divided them with a different ornament. And the researchers note that the patterns are selected by the artist in accordance with the gender of the characters. The figure of a man is depicted with the help of clear, strict shapes and shades. A woman is singled out through a softer, refined ornament.

The background of the painting is also made using the shades of gold. Inclusions of this color resemble flickering stars. This effect emphasizes the feeling that the characters are not just on the edge of the rock, but on the edge of the universe, alone in the whole world. This impression is also strengthened by the smooth flow of some lines and forms into others.

The canvas “Kiss” stands out in the general series of works by Klimt. Most of his paintings are devoted to nude nature, in “Kiss” the same love is shown chaste, gentle, special attention is paid to clothing. However, the theory of Freud, popular at the time of the

creation of the picture, was nevertheless reflected in the canvas.

It is characteristic that the artist paid little attention to the faces of the heroes of the painting. If the woman’s face is visible to the viewer, then the man’s face is hidden. However, the intensity of emotions, a storm of emotions is felt in the pose of lovers. A remarkable figure of a woman who literally breathes obedience, and a passionate, trembling figure of a man, is remarkable.

The researchers suggest that the basis for the painting “Kiss” is the artist’s autobiography. It is believed that in the image of a woman, Klimt embodied the features of Emilia Flage, who played an important role in the life of the artist.

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Composition on the film Klimt “Kiss”