Biography of Victor Hugo

Victor Marie Hugo – French writer, academician, activist.

Born Hugo February 26, 1802 in the French city of Besancon in the family of the general. The first years of his biography, Victor Hugo spent in Marseille, as well as various cities in Italy. Education began to receive in the Lyceum of Louis the Great. The first works of Hugo were written by him at the age of 14. The interest of readers was attracted by the satire “Telegraph”. From the first years of studying poetry and prose is recognized in literary contests. In 1822 he married Adele Foucher.

Hugo’s first novel was published in 1823 – “Gan Iceland”, pushed the author to create a literary circle, which also published a magazine. Already in 1824 came out a collection of poems “New Odes.” In 1825, Hugo received the Order of the Legion of Honor, joined the circle of romantics.

Drama Hugo “Cromwell”, written in 1827, expresses the author’s

romanticism. Then in the biography of Hugo were written works of “Ode and Ballad”, “Marion de Lorme”, “Ernani.” Political success came to the writer thanks to the dress “Young France”, “The King is amused,” “Maria Tudor.” One of his main masterpieces – “Notre Dame de Paris” Hugo published in 1831. In 1841, Hugo became a member of the French Academy.

For his loyalty to the king in 1845, Victor receives a count’s dignity and becomes a peer. In 1848 he was part of the National Assembly, and after the coup, Napoleon settled in Brussels, from where he published his anti-Napoleonic works. Then Hugo lives on the island of Jersey, on the island of Guernsey. Among the famous works in the biography of Hugo, written in exile – the collection “Contemplation”, “The Legend of Ages”, the novels “Les Miserables”, “The Workers of the Sea”, “The Man Who Laughs”. In 1870, Hugo returned to France.

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Biography of Victor Hugo