The Painting by Petrov-Vodkin “Morning still life”

Kuzma Petrovich Petrov-Vodkin – an artist who wrote in a very peculiar manner. His paintings are simple, ordinary, but if you think about it, you can see a deep meaning in each of them, imperceptible at first sight. One of these paintings is “Morning Still Life”, written in 1918.

This picture won me over with its bribing simplicity and realism. It depicts a meager breakfast of a peasant in the difficult years of the Revolution – two eggs and tea. It would seem that this breakfast does not differ in abundance or taste. But the way the table is skilfully laid out and with what bright colors the picture is painted, makes me feel very bright and joyful.

The table itself is wooden and clean. In the center of the table is a bouquet of wildflowers, set by the owner in a small transparent jug. Bright yellow and blue flowers are designed to decorate this table, make the breakfast festive, despite the meager food. Next to the bouquet on a silver platter is a faceted glass with tea, and next to it lies a tea spoon.

A little farther from the glass stands a charming teapot, polished and polished to a shine so that it reflects a red cat, which probably sits at the owner of the table on his knees. On the other side of the table you can see a red-haired dog, who looks at the master with a devoted look with his smart black eyes. For sure, animals are waiting for their good owner to feed them, and I can imagine that of two eggs a man will eat only one, and the second will divide into two halves between his pets.

From this picture, I always feel good and pleasant at heart. After all, she is imbued with the true love of the owner to her red-headed pupils and Russian nature, and also teaches me to enjoy the most ordinary trifles in life, which I did not pay attention to before.

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The Painting by Petrov-Vodkin “Morning still life”