Shakespeare’s Macbeth in short summary

Location – England and Scotland. The time of action is the 11th century.

The tragedy begins with a conversation between the three witches, who are discussing when they come together again – decide to get together “as soon as the battle ends with the victory of the side of one.”

In a military camp near Forres, the Scottish King Duncan listens to the bloody sergeant with joyful news: the cousin of the king, the brave Macbeth, defeated the troops of MacDonald and the Irish, and he himself was killed in combat. Ross tells the king that immediately after the victory the Scottish army underwent a new attack – the King of Norway and his ally, who changed Duncan, the Kavdorsky Tan, moved fresh forces against her. Again, Macbeth defeats the enemies. The Norwegians are forced to pay a huge indemnity, and the traitor Duncan orders the execution and the title of the Kavdorsky Tan to be transferred to Macbeth.

In the steppe, under the thunder of

a thunderstorm, three witches brag about each other with perfect abominations. There are going to Forres Macbeth and Banco. Veschunyi expected them. They three times applauded Macbeth – as Gdisi Tan, then as Tana Kavdorsky and finally as the future king. Banco is not afraid of sinister old women, he asks to predict the fate and him. Witches thrice praise Banko – he is not a king, but an ancestor of kings – and disappear. Honest Banco is not at all embarrassed by the prediction, witches, in his opinion, are just “bubbles of the earth”. Royal emissaries Ross and Angus appear, they hurry generals to appear before Duncan and congratulate Macbeth with a new title – Tana Kavdorsky. The predictions of witches begin to come true. Banco advises Macbeth not to attach importance to this: the spirits of evil lure people into their networks like the truth.

In Forres Duncan, with tears of joy, welcomes his commanders. He grants his elder son Malcolm the title of Prince of Camberland and declares him his successor on the throne. The rest will also be showered with honors. To distinguish Macbeth,

the king will stop for the night at his castle in Inverness. Macbeth furious – between him and the throne appeared one more step – Malcolm. He is ready to commit a crime.

In the castle of Macbeth, his wife reads a letter from her husband. She is delighted with the fate predicted to him. Yes, Macbeth deserves any honors and ambitions, he does not have enough willingness to commit a crime for the sake of power. But he does not fear the evil itself, but only the need to make it with his own hand. Well, she is ready to inspire her husband with a lack of determination! When Macbeth, ahead of the royal motorcade, appears in the castle, his wife immediately announces to him: Duncan should be killed on the one night he will spend with them on a visit. When the king appears in the castle, she already has a murder plan ready.

Macbeth is ashamed to kill the King who has showered him with mercy under his roof and is afraid of retaliation for such an unheard of crime, but the thirst for power does not leave him. His wife reproaches him for being cowardly. Failure can not be: the king is tired, he will quickly fall asleep, and his servants she will drink wine and potion. Duncan should be stabbed with daggers, this will lead to suspicion of the true culprits.

The feast is over. Duncan, showering home Macbeth with gifts, is moving to the bedroom. Macbeth gets there after him and commits a murder, but Lady Macbeth has to cover up his tracks. Sam Tan is too shocked. A ruthless woman laughs at the inappropriate sensitivity of her husband, They knock at the gate of the castle. This is Macduff, one of the noblest nobles of Scotland. The king ordered him to come a little light. Macbeth had already changed into a night dress and, with the air of a kind host, escorted Macduff to the royal chambers. The picture that he sees when he sees it is terrible – Duncan is stabbed, and the drunken servants are smeared with the blood of the master. Allegedly, in a fit of righteous anger, Macbeth kills those who have not had time to recover the bedding. No one doubts their fault, except for the sons of the murdered, Malcolm and Donalbayn. Young men decide to flee from the castle of Macbeth to England and to the Irish respectively. But the escape makes even the noble Macduff suspect them of involvement in the death of his father. The new king is elected Macbeth, who went to Skon, to take a crown there.

In the royal palace in Forres, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth crumble in compliments to Banco. Tonight they give dinner, and the main guest on it is Banco. It is a pity that he must leave for a hasty business, and God forbid, if he has time to return to the feast. As if accidentally Macbeth finds out that Banco’s son Fliens will accompany his father on a trip. Banco leaves. Macbeth realizes that a brave and at the same time sensible Banco is the most dangerous person for him. But worse is that, according to the witches, the childless Macbeth tarnished himself with a heinous crime, because of which he now hates himself, that after him the grandchildren of Banco reigned! No, he will fight with fate! Macbeth had already sent for the killers. These are two desperate losers. The king explains to them that Banco is the culprit of all their misfortunes, and the simpletons are ready to take revenge, even if they have to die. Macbeth demands, so that they killed Flins, the son of Banco. “He who has become evil, he will wallow in it.”

In the park of the murderer’s palace, Banco and Flinse were waiting, heading for dinner at Macbeth. Having attacked simultaneously, they overpower the commander, but Banco has time to warn his son. The boy escapes to avenge his father.

Macbeth positively seated at the table of his entourage, here is already poured a circular bowl. Suddenly, one of the killers is, but his news is not too pleased with the king. “The snake is killed, and the serpent is alive,” Macbeth says and turns back to the guests. But what is this? The royal place at the table is occupied, on it sits bloody Banco! The ghost is visible only for Macbeth, and the guests do not understand to whom their master addresses with angry speeches. Lady Macbeth hastens to explain the strangeness of her husband’s illness. Everyone disagrees, and the soothing Macbeth tells his wife that he suspects McDuff of treason: he did not attend the royal feast, and the informers report his “cold feelings.” The next morning, Macbeth is going to three witches to look deeper into the future, but whatever they predict, he will not back down, for him any means are already good.

Hecate – a dark deity talking to witches and going to kill him.

Forres. Palace. Lenox talks to another lord about the death of Duncan, Banco, their children, MacDuffe, who, like Malcolm, fled to England. Macbeth is called a tyrant.

Macbeth in the cave of witches. He demands an answer from the higher spirits, which can be evoked for him by the disgusting old women. And here are the spirits. The first one warns: “Take care of McDuff.” The second ghost promises Macbeth that none of the women born, will not prevail against him in battle. The third says that Macbeth will not be defeated until the Birnam Forest goes to Dunsinan Castle. Macbeth is delighted with the predictions – he has no one and nothing to be afraid of. But he wants to know whether the Banco family will reign. Sounds music. Eight kings pass before Macbeth, the eighth holds a mirror in his hand, which reflects an endless series of crowned men in a double crown and a triple scepter. Banco himself goes last and with a triumph shows Macbeth finger at his great-grandchildren. Suddenly, all – ghosts, witches – disappear. Lenox enters the cave and informs, that McDouf fled to England, where the eldest son of Duncan had already taken refuge. Macbeth planned to kill Macduff and his family. In her castle, Lady MacDuff learns of her husband’s flight. She is confused, Ross explains to her that “Prudence is not fear.” She tries to joke with her son. The boy is clever by the years, but the joke turns out to be unhappy. Suddenly the messenger appeared to warn Lady Macduff: she should run away with the children sooner. Poor woman does not have time to take advice – the killer is already in the doorway. The kid tries to stand up for the honor of the father and the life of the mother, but the scoundrels pin him and rush behind the trying to escape Lady Macduff. She tries to joke with her son. The boy is clever by the years, but the joke turns out to be unhappy. Suddenly the messenger appeared to warn Lady Macduff: she should run away with the children sooner. Poor woman does not have time to take advice – the killer is already in the doorway. The kid tries to stand up for the honor of the father and the life of the mother, but the scoundrels pin him and rush behind the trying to escape Lady Macduff. She tries to joke with her son. The boy is clever by the years, but the joke turns out to be unhappy. Suddenly the messenger appeared to warn Lady Macduff: she should run away with the children sooner. Poor woman does not have time to take advice – the killer is already in the doorway. The kid tries to stand up for the honor of the father and the life of the mother, but the scoundrels pin him and rush behind the trying to escape Lady Macduff.

Meanwhile in England, MacDuff tries to persuade Malcolm to speak out against the tyrant Macbeth and save the suffering Scotland. But the prince disagrees, because the dominion of Macbeth will seem like a paradise in comparison with his reign, so he is naturally flawed – voluptuous, greedy, cruel. Macduff in despair – nothing now will save an unhappy motherland. Malcolm hurries to comfort him – suspecting the trap, he was testing McDuff. In fact, his qualities are completely different, he is ready to oppose the usurper, and the King of England gives him a large army, which will lead the English commander Sivard, the prince’s uncle. Enter Lord Ross, the brother of Lady Macduff. He brings terrible news: people in Scotland have taken up arms, tyranny is intolerable. The Scots are ready to rise. Macduff learns about the death of his entire family. Even his servants were cut out by Macbeth’s henchmen.

Deep in the night in Dunsinan, the lady of the court talks with the doctor. She is worried about the queen’s strange illness, something like sleepwalking. But here appears Lady Macbeth herself with a candle in her hand. She rubs her hands, as if wishing to wash off their blood, which is not washed away. The meaning of her speeches is dark and frightening. The doctor confesses to the impotence of his science – the queen needs a confessor.

English troops are already under Duncinan, Malcolm, Macduff and Prince Seward’s uncle. They join the rebellious against Macbeth Scottish lords. Mentis, Catnes, Angus, Ross, Lenox. In Dunsinan, Macbeth listens to news of the approach of the enemy, but why should he be afraid? Are not his enemies born of women? Or did the Birnam Forest go camping? And in the Birnam Forest Prince Malcolm gives an order to his soldiers: let everyone cut down a branch and carry it before him. This will make it possible to hide the number of attackers from scouts. The castle is the last stronghold of Macbeth, the country no longer recognizes the tyrant.

Macbeth has already become so hardened by the soul that the unexpected news of his wife’s death causes him only vexation – not on time! But here is the messenger with a strange and terrible news – Birnam Forest moved to the castle. Macbeth was furious – he believed in ambiguous predictions! But if he is destined to die, he will perish as a warrior in battle. Macbeth orders to trumpet the troops. In the thick of the battle, Macbeth meets the young Sivard, but he does not fear his formidable opponent, boldly enters into battle with him and perishes. Macduff has not yet drawn his sword, he is not going to “cut down hired peasants”, his enemy is only Macbeth himself. And here they are. Macbeth wants to avoid a fight with Macduff, however, he is not afraid of him, like every woman born. And then Macbeth learns that Macduff was not born. He was cut out of his mother’s womb before the time limit. The rage and despair of Macbeth is limitless. But he does not intend to surrender. Enemies fight to the death.

The troops of the rightful heir to Malcolm prevailed. Under unfolded banners, he listens to the reports of his entourage. Sivard the father learns about the death of his son, but when he is told that the young man died from the wound in front – in the forehead, comforted. The best death can not be desired. McDouf enters, carrying Macbeth’s head. Everyone after him greets Malcolm with shouts: “Long live the Scottish king!” The pipes are playing. The new ruler announces that specifically to reward his supporters, he for the first time in Scotland introduces a count’s title. Now it is necessary to deal with urgent matters: to return to their homeland those who escaped from the tyranny of Macbeth and about to punish his minions. But first of all it is necessary to go to the castle of Skon, so that in it, according to an old custom, you can be crowned.

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Shakespeare’s Macbeth in short summary