The most important thing you can not see with your eyes

French writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in one year with a new century, which differed from previous eras by a new understanding of man and art. It was the artists of the 20th century who focused their attention on how to make a small person really great. Therefore, it is no accident that A. de Saint-Exupéry creates the image of the Little Prince, who is one of the most majestic images of our cruel century.

In his fairy tale “The Little Prince” the writer tells about spiritual values ​​that are more important for everyday life of adults, about what a person needs, her heart, what makes her happy. When you read the first pages of the “Little Prince”, the heart envelops the sums. No one had ever understood the drawings of the pilot, and therefore his soul. The little prince also felt very lonely. It seems that they both were lost in large spaces of the universe. Around is just a desert, there are no people, and if they were, probably

no one would pay attention to someone who is very lonely. It is especially sad to read those pages of the book where only echoes respond to the Little Prince:

“Be my friends,” he said, “I’m all alone.” “All alone, all alone, all alone,” the echo answered.

The little prince flew from a small asteroid B-612, where his house was. In the morning he cleared his volcanoes and looked after the rose. “Wake up in the morning, take your planet to order,” is the slogan of the Little Prince. The asteroid is the symbol of the house. Volcanoes are a symbol of what you are responsible for. Rose – the personification of beauty, spirituality. We can assume that the flower is also a symbol of femininity. The little prince left his planet and took a step: to an unknown universe in order to find the meaning of being.

The hero got acquainted with the inhabitants of several asteroids, but did not find answers to the question that worried him, did not find friends. He saw that wealth is important for adults, power, ambition, etc. And his “child” soul

aspired to another – mutual understanding, cleanliness in relationships, the joy of every day, beauty. The child is the soul of the world, its vision. The child feels more with his heart than with his mind. Therefore, her feeling can be considered a spiritual barometer of the world. The sadness of the child is a sign that not only modernity but the future is in danger.

Having got on the big and beautiful planet the Earth, the Little prince has got acquainted with the pilot. There was much in common in their attitude. Together they went a long way to a well with live water. And this was the way not only through the desert, but above all the way through our own doubts and contradictions. When on Earth the Little Prince saw the very roses, like that that grew on his asteroid, he cried. It seemed to the hero that he had real wealth, but it turned out that it was a rose. “A simple rose and three volcanoes that reach me to the knees and from which one has died out, perhaps forever – this is not enough to be a great prince.” The hero was seized by despair from insecurity in himself and the system of his life values. He wanted to love one rose, but it turned out that there were a lot of roses on Earth. He wanted to be great, but did not know how.

Nevertheless, the Fox, with whom the hero met, helped him to comprehend what the meaning of life is. He explained that it is not easy to have friends, that for this you need to give another a slice of your own soul, your own heart. “People can not learn anything anymore, they do not have time to learn anything anymore, they buy things ready from the traders, but there are no traders who sell friends, so people no longer have friends.” How do you want to have a friend – tame me! .. And here is my secret: it is very simple: only the heart sees well.

And the Little Prince realized that his rose is so dear to him because he gave her a lot of time, put her heart out of her heart and therefore is responsible for her in front of her own conscience. In fact, the Fox is right when he said that the most important thing is that you can not feel it with your heart. The little prince suddenly felt an urgent need to be home again, on a small asteroid, near his rose.

Drawing the general picture of the world of “adults” and putting the child in his center, Antoine de Saint-Exupery defeated important philosophical problems: what is the society where the human civilization and the universe in general, real and false values ​​are directed. He pointed out the place of man in life, the struggle of human and spiritual principles, the importance of beauty, friendship in the world, etc. However, the most important questions are how to return the spiritual essence that they lost to people and how to make a person happy. At the end of the tale, both the Little Prince and the pilot returned home, but most importantly, the idea of ​​Saint-Exupery, that a man return to his land, to people, to nature, to eternal values, to himself. The main thing is for a person to revive in his soul an infantile pure perception of the world.

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The most important thing you can not see with your eyes