The Painting by Korin “Alexander Nevsky”

The painting “Alexander Nevsky” was painted by the artist Pavel Dmitrievich Korin in 1942 – 1943, during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. It was a time when the Russian people fought against the German invaders and more than ever needed spiritual support and support. According to the artist’s intention, such a picture could instill in people a sense of patriotism and confidence in victory.

Alexander Nevsky – commander, Grand Duke, who in the thirteenth century defended Russia many times from numerous external enemies. He is a symbol of valor and courage. Such a historical figure was not accidentally chosen by the artist to achieve the most powerful influence on the audience.

The figure of Alexander Nevsky occupies the entire space of the picture. The mighty prince stands, legs wide apart and his sword clenched in his hands. He is unshakable and unshakable. It seems that no forces can not break it. The face of Alexander is carved out of stone: calm and firm. His gaze is straightforward and confident. He seems to say: “He who comes with a sword to us will perish by the sword.”

The artist portrayed Alexander Nevsky in the armor of a knight. He has a helmet on his head, a sword in his hands, a red cloak is flying behind him. A great warrior stands guard over the tranquility and peace of his homeland, and no enemies can defeat him.

The picture is filled with patriotism and the pride of the artist for his country, its glorious past and heroic present. The canvas inspires confidence that the Russian people will be able to defend their independence and the right to a happy future on their own land.

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The Painting by Korin “Alexander Nevsky”