The Painting Vrubel “Bogatyr”

Some kind of color is inherent in all the paintings of the famous artist Vrubel. His creation “Bogatyr” was no exception. So to complicate the color palette, to embody on canvas completely unknown before the combination can be a very rare talent.

Just look at the epic hero, his power and mighty strength. Everyone understands that this is not some kind of abstract hero, but the well-known Ilya Muromets. By the way, the picture was originally called.

But, wishing to give the product a scale, to emphasize that the strength of the Russian is not in one Ilyusha, that the great Rus is rich in such heroes, the author has edited the title. This did not in the least reduce the mighty power that comes from the picture.

In general, Vrubel created many folklore paintings. It seems that he himself, in legends and legends, found answers to those questions that tormented the rebellious artist all his life. He liked to visit manors of rural landowners or dachas outside

Moscow, because it was there, communicating with the people, he could catch those national motives, the integrity of the Russian soul, which he then so accurately embodied in his paintings.

Look at the story that it is not the canvas “Bogatyr” that is depicted. Against the backdrop of the sunset, a fabulous forest, quaint trees of strange shapes and a great warrior on a mighty horse. These two are motionless, like a monument. The horse seemed to have grown out of the ground, its legs naturally arranged among the small Christmas trees that grow nearby. And birds perceive a horse and rider, as a habitual component of all nature. One gets the impression that the heroic horse and warrior gather strength directly from the Mother Earth.

Thus, the author again stressed that the power of a great power is not in one young man-daring. Russian bogatyrs, born in glorious land, feed on its waters, take strength from the great Nature. Not wishing to alienate the hero from the epic with their beautiful language, instructive stories praising the heroic deeds of warriors, Vrubel connected him with an invisible thread with the native Russian, always spiritualized by the Slavs nature.

Such a union shakes the souls and hearts of the audience, causes pride in the great Motherland. It remains for us to admire the talent of the artist who is able to evoke patriotic feelings in our paintings living in the cruel and apathetic XXI century.

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The Painting Vrubel “Bogatyr”