Biography of Bill Gates

Biography of Bill Gates

William Henry Gates is an entrepreneur, founder of Microsoft Corporation, the richest man on the planet from 1996 to 2007.

The initial education in the biography of Bill Gates was received at the municipal school. Then he studied at a private school, where he was fond of mathematics, first started writing small programs on a minicomputer. In 1973, Gates entered Harvard University. In 1975, together with Paul Allen, he founded Microsoft. In the third year he left the university to fully dedicate himself to the company.

1995 in the biography of Gates is marked by the release of the book “The Road to the Future”. Gates, being one of the co-authors of the book, expressed his vision of the development of information technology. In 1996, Microsoft began to develop Internet technologies, and Bill Gates introduced amendments to his first book. The second book “Business with the speed of thought” was published in 1999, represented possible solutions to business problems using information technology.

In 1998, Gates ceased to be president of the company, and in 2000 resigned from the post of executive director. In June 2008, he gave his executive powers to Microsoft, but remained chairman of the Board of Directors. In October 2008, in the biography of Bill Gates, his third company, bgC3, was founded, a research center in the field of analytics and information technology.

In the photo Gates looks like a good-natured person. So it is: together with his wife, he founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose funds go to support health care, education.

The history of Bill Gates resembles an American dream. Working hard, he achieved not only the prosperity of the company, but also the title of the richest man. Now the state of Gates is about 57 billion dollars.

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Biography of Bill Gates