Biography of Pyotr Stolypin

Petr Arkadevich Stolypin is a politician, prime minister, minister of internal affairs.

Lived in the estate Srednikovo, then moved to Lithuania, the Eagle. The first in Stolypin’s biography was education in the Orel gymnasium. After that he studied at the University of St. Petersburg. After graduation, he enlisted in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, receives a diploma of a candidate. At will, he goes to the Department of Agriculture.

In 1889, in his biography Peter Stolypin became the leader of the nobility in the Kovno district. Then he is elected a justice of the peace. In 1901 he became governor of Grodno, then governor of Saratov.

In 1906, the personality of Stolypin was considered by the emperor as the first candidate for the post of Minister of Internal Affairs. In July 1906, instead of Goremykin, Stolypin became chairman of the Council of Ministers. After the attempt on Stolypin on the Aptekarsky Island, military court courts were introduced.

Stolypin’s activities in those days were aimed at the acquisition of peasants’ freedoms. So in 1906 issued a decree “On leaving the peasant community,” however, he did not give real free. In 1908 he was appointed State Secretary. Politics Stolypin solved the issues of land, financing the army, the structure of the Amur Railways.

Stolypin’s agrarian reform was aimed at destroying the communal system of land ownership. The reforms of Stolypin included a massive resettlement of peasants to Siberia.

In September 1911, Stolypin was assassinated to employees of the Security Department.

The famous publicist and poet Alexander Solzhenitsyn established his portrait in his office as a sign of respect for the activities of Pyotr Arkadievich.

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Biography of Pyotr Stolypin